Most hospital admission with, not for

Majority of covid admissions are now incidental,

US, Variant Proportions

BA.2 5.7%
BA.2.12.1 42%
BA.5 36.6%
BA.4 15.7%

BA.1s 0%
Delta 0%
Others 0%

Resultant hospitalizations

Up 12% on the week

Deaths, 387, 7 day average, up 23%

Since January 2020, 1 in 327 people have died


Prediction based on Zoe data

England, more people have been infected already

Hospitalised in the UK

About a third admitted for covid

Two thirds with covid

Long covid

Weakness / tiredness
Shortness of breath
Muscle ache
Trouble sleeping
Difficulty concentrating
Anxiety / worry
Low mood
Loss of smell
Memory loss / confusion
Loss of taste
Vertigo / dizziness
Chest pain
Loss of appetite
Sore throat
Nausea / vomiting
Abdominal pain

Among the most deprived

Unable to work from home, 80.6%

Risk of developing long COVID symptoms, 11.1%

Among the least deprived

Unable to work from home, 62.6%

Risk of developing long COVID symptoms, 8.1%

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I never had any symptoms of covid during the initial 2020 pandemic phase, and still haven't had so much as a sniffle right to this day – therefore I am diagnosing myself with Asymptomatic Long Covid. please pray for me if you can.

  2. Just a survey. I have only had the initial two Pfizer jabs and ever since then I have had a achey calf muscles, the left worse than the right. I have also started to suffer cold, achey and slightly numb feet. Just wondering if any other people have had similar? Thank you for reading .

  3. Presumably they're still running the pcr tests at too high a cycle threshold that multiplies 2 dead cells up to more than a trillion. Therefore, most people being tested are false positives. Would you like to tell us how many are admitted with cancer or some other diseases?

  4. THE UK hospitalizations are almost vertical. Once again, you prove that the tough take it on the chin stance on covid is failed. It is just pretend time and arrogance! Vaccines do not prevent infection. People who can mask, must!

  5. Nurse Campbell, I think you are not longer helpful except to the COVID deniers and anti maksers. And never think your so big on YT just because you have followers or views. I can show you the dumbest people on earth with views and followers. YT is cheap, and I would listen to a real MD before you sir!

  6. Can you do a study on saunas and how well they help at curing/ preventing both covid and the flu. And how the hot cold method is affected at treating both, very fast

  7. How many deaths have been caused by the hangover of the poisonous mRNA vaccines, is anyone checking for that or is it just another coverup by the same people who have lied to us for 30 months +??

  8. Still debate about dying with instead of dying of as well. They definitely skew towards getting as many doses out as possible though… for your own safety of course. 🙄

  9. I'm on day 12 with symptoms of some Omacron. I'd love to know which one. First 2 days low fever and burning/itchie throat. Then painful sore throat much like strep. Then congestion in head and to lower throat. That caused cough. Those latter two are still going on, although less. Took a test 2 days ago and I'm still positive. Aurgh!!!

  10. Dr. John says what the anti-whatevers want to hear, Hundreds of thousands of views. "Back to the Science" says what you dont want to hear, crickets. Crazy. Right?

  11. Today 5 July 2022 NZ Dept of Health announces new subvariant of Omicron BA 2.75, no mention of BA 4 or 5. Rocketing infection rates.
    “…Omicron subvariant BA.2.75 was detected in the community for the first time.
    Both cases had recently travelled from India, where this subvariant has been detected," the ministry said.
    "BA.2.75 is a recently identified second generation subvariant of BA.2, the dominant variant circulating in New Zealand at this stage.

    "BA.2.75 has only been recently identified as distinct from BA.2, and evidence on its transmissibility, immune evasiveness and severity is still preliminary and emerging."

    However, the ministry added the subvariant has characteristics which mean it may be more transmissible and able to evade immunity better than BA.2.

    "There is no current evidence that it leads to more severe disease, although assessing the evidence is at a very early stage," the ministry added.

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