“Most People Have No Idea What’s Happening” Jordan Peterson (2022)

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“Most People Have No Idea What’s Happening” Jordan Peterson (2022)

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  1. The Canadian people only have themselves to blame. They voted for a dynastic PM. Such leaders are only ever interested in power, influence and control.

  2. the one true living God has said it would be this way no changing it, mankind is like they were in the days of Noah , repent be reconciled to the living God before you cant

  3. I have ZERO faith in our Banking privacy now, and when I watched the lady police officer at a lady's home, handing her a brochure setting out what is acceptable when expressing opinions on FB and other social networks I am still in shock! I came to Canada 48 years ago, and every day since Trudeau invoked the 'ACT' I have an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach… I have spent considerable time in Moscow, Uzbekistan and the Middle East and I am in shock at where our Canada is today!

  4. he will cause all to worship him ( the antichrist) no one shall buy or sell lest he bears the mark of the beast bottom line the system for the end are you ready ????

  5. This ship is sinking, not just Canada but the entire ship. Accept Jesus as your Savior today. Salvation is simple, Come to the end of yourself, believe that Jesus is the Son of God, confess with your heart and mouth that Jesus is Lord, accept Him as your Savior. Repentance is a change of mind. The Holy Spirit will clean you up, you just got to give yourself over to God.

  6. It seems Canada has the same evil working in the government as we in America have. They are both hell bent on destroying both countries so they can impose their “ new world order”. It’s pure evil generating this in both countries. I feel for your fellow citizens. It’s an ugly world we live in.

  7. Ignoring standard borders is a gamble, but so is the name of the game when the legal process does not answer to the impulse of controlling. Of course many lives are at risk but so is the name of the game when the democratic elective process does not answer to the impulse of controlling. To use clowns in corridas or Politics to distract away from what could be damaging is another method, that is effective, to avoid horny animals or trucks. Repeatedly fairy tales become the truth of a day, Santa is the proof of that. We live in a world that is dramatic when taken seriously, for that reason looking at the ticllish aspect of headlines becomes a necessity when our mental survival is at stake: the largest corporations in the world are promoting their best actors on stage in Hollywood and politics to promote that trend!

  8. The emergency was the pandemic. Trudeau mandated no border crossings for the unvaccinated jut as the United States did, and for very good reasons. Unvaccinated people, when infected, produce and distribute many more new viruses an==than vaccinated people do. More importantly, the more the viruses multiply, the higher the likely it is for the virus to mutate. But Peterson thinks this is some kind of tyrannical overreach because Peterson is loosing his grip on reality, and has been for a long time. Just look how deeply he's been captured by the christian fantasy.

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