Most Viral Biden Gaffes, Bloopers & Brain Blips of 2021

You Cringe you Lose… #Biden #Gaffes #Bloopers

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  1. I listened several times to the "my butts been wiped" clip with the captions on. The odd thing is the captions worked before he said that and after he said that, but not while he said it. 🤔

  2. The worst thing Biden did was to ask Kamala Harris to be his VP. If Biden were to step aside, Harris will be the leader of the free world. If that doesn't make you buy a fallout shelter nothing will.

  3. If I’m ever in a televised interview, which I probably will never be, I’m gonna take the stance he took in the interview with cnn and see if someone says something about me doing it

  4. The only good thing for me this year on the platform is a side effect of the removel of the dislike count. Now i've become a more engaged viewer. By this I mean when before I wouldn't dislike something if it wasn't my type of content or didn't agree to an opion in the video, now however i've been doing it a lot more because these creators must need their feedback. I hope that more people who like me weren't passively vocal using the dislike and like button now have become and use it reguarly. Have a great day.

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