Mostly Peaceful, Legalised Looting

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  1. Looting! How dare you sir! Using that term to describe this behavior is racist! Oh, this has been going on for a long time in California. It didn't seem to be a big deal until they started looting rich people stores.

  2. I think your interpretation of why they're doing it is a little too simple. They're not targeting luxury goods stores just because the goods are valuable in terms of re-sale, they're marxsists, they're trying to redistribute wealth and destroy luxury culture and commerce. They're targeting huge businesses like Nordstroms and Louis Vouitton, who have commensurately large profits. Profit is theft, therefore looting is redistributing the proceeds of theft, and the smaller and more expensive the item, the more effective that redistribution is.

  3. Watched loads of these videos of shop lifting and looting and notice that the people perpetrating these crimes aren't very diverse, they should be more inclusive in their planning

  4. How about increasing law enforcement with… I don't know… extra funding? Have a zero tolerance policy on robbery? Build a wall around California?

    Edit: Totally agree with your assessment of crime producing poverty, sounds logical maybe write a thesis on it?

  5. What do they expect? The idiots in california elected the offspring of convicted radical terrorists, who was raised in the same ideology. Then promises to 'reform the system' when elected as DA.

  6. The context behind the police beating the windows of the car is that desperate people are getting behind the wheel of a 2000 lb weapon to evade capture. Smashing safety glass is a great way to make the car unusable as the glass becomes as transparent as a brick wall, and buys time for the police to get the driver out.

  7. So AJW did a video talking about how this actually isn't a new phenomenon. He gave several examples dating back to 2011 with some evidence to suggest even earlier times this happened. It does however seem to be increasing in frequency as of late and will definitely get worse with lax enforcement of laws.

  8. I don't get it if your doing it to survive just steal food. If I saw you stealing like bread or cans of soup I would not care as much. "On but they sell them for food." Why not just steal the food then? like ok I don't do this but people help me out here. I know I am a nobody to you but if you would be more willing to look away to people stealing food i don't know i guess upvote. if you would lay down the hammer no matter what even if they look starved downvote. "They removed those." Then I don't know call me an idiot. I have thick skin. "your an undead skeleton you have no skin." Your not helping. "And you are?" You know. Fine I will give you that.

  9. I'd bet this malarkey is being organically organized. These folks aren't selling this stuff for profit, they're keeping it. They want nice things for free, and it's essentially untraceable minor merchandise. Organized crime, via the mob instead of the Mob. Bet it'd be quieter if the big Mafia still ran the cities.

  10. The behavior of the police around the car was absolutely appropriate. Frankly the getaway driver is lucky they didn't get shot.
    Cars are a deadly weapon. If that person hit the gas they could have caused serious harm to everyone around them.

  11. To me the delineation between robbery and looting is that if a person is present and if multiple people are doing it over a course of time. Think of a grocery store during a natural disaster, somebody breaks in and no one person cleans the whole store out but many people clean the store out.
    What's going on in California is like looting, but people are present. But they strip the shelves bear just like in looting. Including typically your target is good not money. In robbery typically your object is money. When you rob a business you're not hoping to make off with a laptop, you want money. When you rob a liquor store you're not hoping to get bottles of wine, you're hoping to get cash.
    That being said, the people who are complaining about the use of the term looting as applied to what is going on in California are not concerned about the conflation between robbery and looting, they are degenerate racist who don't think black people should be required to act appropriately

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