Mostly Peaceful Protests

CNN says the protests are mostly peaceful, and Kamala Harris says the protesters should keep doing what they are doing, and that we should all join them.

Photography by Shelby Talcott, Andy Ngo and others. Saxophone by Clarence Clemons.

Written by Tony Heller


  1. What are PEOPLE supposed to do when they have had ENOUGH!…You use Bruce Springsteen Music?…What is his opinion?……The only time a Society revolts it is when they feel unheard!…..That sounds FAMILIAR!…..Was there once a Colony that felt oppressed….were they not a Group of people that decided to REVOLT against suppression….Those that don't learn by History are DOOMED to REPEAT IT!……Do you think the BRITISH TOLD THE TRUE STORIES OF THE PEOPLE THEY WANTED TO CONQUER!…Take this same story back 200 years!….Where would you BE?

  2. Peaceful protest! looks like there is a new contender to take the number one spot off of the "religion of peace" in the "couldn't be further from the truth in reality" …unbelievable…

  3. Trash a bank if you got real balls… Senseless destruction of ones own community does nothing to further your cause. You are not hurting the police of government.

    Hit them where it hurts if you are going to riot!

  4. This is what happens when white supremacist groups are allowed to thrive and law enforcement does nothing to get rid of them. Ban hate groups and this shit will stop.