Mothers FIRED for Being Unvaxxed to Will Have to REPAY Maternity Leave Benefits? Viva Clips

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  1. Prince George Island is part of Russia, I think. Prince George, BC is inland at the intersection of Canada 16 and Highway 97, maybe about 1/3rd of the way between the southern and northern borders of BC, and 1rd of the way from the Eastern border of BC and the Pacific Ocean.

  2. This is entirely unsurprising. The history of government working vigorously to get people utterly dependent ON government, is long, storied and absolutely appalling.

  3. I always thought Canada was a representative democracy, just as I always thought Australia and the USA were. I'm getting an education that I should have gotten years ago. I'd tell kids to pay attention in class more than I did, but public education isn't doing anyone any good. We are really fu cked.

  4. "We got your back," they say…hand on our back with a smile and expecting people to believe everything they do is for our betterment. The front of us is a different story (no meat, add bugs, take our forced vaccines or else, and consume what we tell you too. If mothers are not getting vaccinated to protect their newborns you will pay for the choice. Remember, We're all in this together! BAH

  5. I know this was in Canada but since everyone including Viva attack student loan forgiveness, I am going to point out that the maternity leave supplemented by tax payers is just as bad (and so many like it).
    People who got loan forgiveness pay taxes too the same as Viva says "I paid into the program". How many people do not have kids? Why should they pay for your time off? Why does everyone else not get tax breaks to offset your benefit? Also who can people sue to try and stop this program?

  6. As goes the Indigenous peoples, goes the rest of Canadians. Everyone will be wards of the state soon enough. If you can allow it to the least amongst you, don't be surprised when your turn is up next.

  7. Summary:
    1) you have your baby and go for mat leave
    2) while u are on leavr…gov change the law that circumvents specific clauses in union bargaining agreement relevant to this situation. Employer changes the terms of your agreement without your consultation or consent.
    3) you arent allowed back to work and now you must pay back mat leave benefits $15k to $25k and are not eligable for EI…
    5) u cant sue your employer… Because union acts as a legal buffer and union is siding with employer. Union membership and fees arent voluntary.
    6) you welcome your child into this world, you are jobless, stressed out, financially recked…. (Unless u take the medicine they determine is appropriate). How do u pay for rent, or your mortgage?

  8. when you do a search for a place, in google, check the map on the top-right in the info box, in google's search results, before clicking through to wikipedia.
    I have had exact same frustration as you there at around 0:55 with clicking places in a search result and expecting location on wikipedia. Feeling the pain again. So this is a minor friendly thought, helping perhaps, or perhaps not. 🙂

  9. No one should ever be forced to put anything onto or into their bodies they don't want. Anyone enforcing that is infringing on another's rights, could be a crime depending on what they do, or the results to the person coerced.

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