Mothica: tiktok’s unsigned star

I got to interview TikTok’s latest rising star, Mothica. Check out her song “Vices” out now and her album “Blue Hour” out soon!

Mothica’s Links

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  1. I'm really glad you made this video because I probably wouldn't have heard of Mothica otherwise (until she like, fully blew up outside of TikTok anyway lmao) and her music is extremely my kind of pop + as a musician myself I gotta support the independent artists. The hook on VICES is so fucking good I'm almost mad I didn't write it ?
    Anyway, you're an excellent interviewer 'cause you ask actually interesting questions and I appreciate you wanting to ignore the comparisons and instead ask about the inspirations, honestly a more insightful angle imo.

  2. This is a great interview and video! What I really liked about it is that with both your personality and your editing style, this interview didn’t feel awkward at ALL. which is like. HUGE. I hate how awkward interviews can be. I liked that you posed questions with a voiceover, I think it helped with the flow a lot. Great job, Amanda!!

  3. I’ve liked these interviews!! Would definitely like to see more videos in this vein ✌️if you could interview anyone who would it be??

  4. Hopefully she can break the "tiktok artist/internet artist" or she wouldn't be taken seriously when she's mainstream

  5. Gotta say, when she talked of artists that inspired her, I wondered a long time if there really was a singer called Lickie Lee.

  6. Aww, her mom is so sweet and their house is awesome. Glad to see parents supporting/encouraging their kids, wish I had that support. And your editing is great and your intro is funny, it makes me laugh every time.

  7. I get being in recovery. But 15 forever and i was a teenage alcoholic and im lucky to be alive and i was depressed but my parents take care of me and i have money, all that i’d ever need… gimme a fucking break. Life is tough huh. I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. Try homeless heroin. Then make some music. That might sound mean and out of touch. But good lord these children are so insulated that they have no contact with what hard life is

  8. Wasn't subscribed to you and was quit being recommend your videos. YouTube does this to some creators. Letting you know you're one of them which sucks. You deserve better

  9. I thought this was gonna be a vid about some cringey 15 yr old tiktok “star” but she is cool as hell and I will 100% be looking up her music

  10. i don't have tiktok so this video is my first introduction to mothica. really enjoyed the interview! mothica seems so nice and sweet and i love how she's so transparent about everything. i'm gonna check mothica out