Mountain Of Evidence Suggest Joe Biden WAS INVOLVED In Corrupt Business Deals! He IS DONE.


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  1. "When you're a member of a crime family, you should not complain about your Boss, taking 50% of the bribes, you wouldn't have, without the Boss.The Boss is the boss" -Sammy 'the bull' Gravano

  2. this is NO surprise. Good video. why do democrats hate being showed how bad biden is. you would think they would like being told the truth. A democrat vote is a vote to protect pedophiles. …..

  3. Has our gov't always been this out-right criminal or is it merely the advent of digital tracking means that it's so obvious? I mean, we're the worst of the worst!

  4. I have no Brothers or Sisters, but I know what every one of My cousins, Aunts, uncles, friends, My Daughter, and Her husband all do for work because we ummmm TALK. What a POS.

  5. Joe is RIGHT! There's not a "SMIDGEN" of EVIDENCE! There's an EFFING TON of EVIDENCE and MSNBC, CNN, NPR, PBS, CBS, ABC and others are complicit with MISINFORMATION, and COLLUSION of the BIDEN family CRIME SYNDICATE!!!

  6. Lets go Brandon…F Joe bydon is the king of incompetence to the american them the middle finger from day 1…. .Failed policies of the Biden administration..1.shutting down keystone pipeline..2..shutting down the wall…3.opening up the boarder..4..botched withdraw from arming the Taliban..6..vaccine chain issues..8..covid still rampant..9..his war on police..10..his war on the natural women athletes..11 letting criminals out that keep committing crimes over and over!..begging for oil from dictstors..when we were energy independent under Trump!

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