MP calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British Parliamentary speech

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab stating unprecedented harms and close to ‘non existent’ benefit

Written by Aseem Malhotra


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  1. I've been shouting this from the roof tops for a couple of years now. Government took my kids becaise I didn't get the poison and my family told me I deserved it. Some people can't be saved

  2. Amazing speech! "“Silence on this issue is more contagious than the virus itself” -Thank you Andrew Bridgen for your courage where so many have buried their heads in the sand – or simply lied! The lack of MPs in attendance speaks volumes!

    I really hope the UK can lead the way in halting this insidious and evil assault on humanity!

  3. Perhaps the pay of these MPs should be linked to their physical presence in the House of Commons, supporting their colleagues and more importantly, representing their constituents during these important debates. Their absence shows us all very clearly that they have nothing but contempt for us. We, the people who elected them, pay for them and who they are supposed to represent. Thank you for your diligence Mr Bridgen, a real MP.

  4. Thank you Dr. Assem. It's a shame there are no politicians in the room, but the world is watching. I salute this politician for speaking this truth. Governments already know this but there is a silence in revealing the astounding data. There is obviously an agenda. Please lead the way Britain to save the world.

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