MRNA in lettuce?

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  1. These people are "Kenites"..aka as the bloodline of Satan..just like Cain..their evil,they want as many people to go as possible. Don't believe Cains serpent son? Look for him in Adam's lineage, he's not there,he was a fraternal twin,not maternal..Abel was Adam's and Cain was satans.Beguiled means Holy Seduced…literally

  2. How would the monkey RNA survive your gut acid?

    The RNA needs to get into the bloodstream so it can be bonded to your own RNA in the liver to become DNA.

    This is only to reset your memory to previous infections so you become sick more often.

    It's why so many now catch the same virus time and time again.

  3. It is commonly said that if they have are telling us now they've been in the process of it for the last 50 years. Sadly my guess is by the time they put those articles out it may already be in the food.

  4. The bread thing is spot on if it was real unadulterated food no way it lasts for 2weeks let alone 3 months I tested it side by side and wow my bread had disappeared before the store brand was moldy

  5. Why don’t you care about Native American residential and boarding schools in Canada and the USA where they raped murdered and tortured children and tested pharmaceuticals and other experimental treatments ….?

  6. I'm in the UK.
    At the height of the pandemic, my household ordered a pack of 5 test kits. None of us are vaxxed..
    My wife was fearful but trusting of government advice. I'm more cynical.
    She swabbed and tested negative. I was curious so decided to waste a couple of lateral flow kits on random stuff:-
    Unswabbed:- negative
    Swabbed on freshly cut courgette (zucchini):- positive.
    Swabbed on nasal mucus blown into a tissue after we had all been extremely unwell with the worst flu any of us had ever had:- negative.

    What's going on here?

  7. The F ed GO v needs to be sl ash ed back to the few powers enumerated in the Constitution. End f ED inkome t AXE s. States ri gh ts to decide to keep or ditch F ed byoo-ah-cracy. When growing, use “heirloom “ plants and save the seeds. If “they” are making the edible “ ar en ay” vee ax for people to eat will ing ly, you know “they” will give it to fast food places.

  8. I would think it would be difficult if not almost impossible to even find a distributor of seeds in this country that they could actually prove were not genetically modified in some way or another. How would you be able to confirm the legitimacy of any seeds that you purchased? Any distributor can say anything not to mention that anything you buy from them likely has several supplier routes before landing with the company you purchased from. That company may be honest in thinking they're selling legitimate non GMO seeds and not know themselves that they are not. We live in creepy, complicated and dangerous times today. I trust no one anymore with exceptions to some close friends and family. They say is and will come when people wake the hell up and decide to take back what is ours!

  9. Make perfect sense especially since Bill Gates is heavily invested into pharma and WEF has been pushing governments to pressure farmers to sell their farms so that he has been buying them up and he is now the largest frame land own in the US and I would venture to guess that he is buying up the farms in every country that is pushing the fertilizer reduction bullshit. Where is your god when it comes to the corrupt people running this planet. Trust in nothing to protect you and your family then get out and look after yourselves

  10. I heard Bill Gates talking about this. Im pretty sure it was him. It was long before the 2020 deal. He said if people didnt want to take the jab it wouldn’t really matter bc they were going to put it in the food anyway.

  11. It was at least a decade ago when I read they could put a pokepill in a banana, thay was long before I found faith in Jesus Christ.
    Without the way, the truth and the life I would be terrified in today's world like so many poor lost folks are.
    I pray they hear the trumpets.

  12. It's like this brother if you can't grow it then bless it if that's the best you can do because I believe that will cleanse the food and make it harmless to eat . I put it this way I trust in my LORD COMPLETELY if I bless it HE will clean it so it will be edible.

  13. Monsanto who basically owns food production in America and most of the world have already genetically modified The seeds they “manufacture”. There’s no getting around this unless we go to Antarctica and take the real seeds they have stored there and clone them. 🤷‍♂️. I’m not a smart man but I know what GMO means 🤪

  14. Watch out for ALL food you are buying at the stores. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD FOLKS! Name brand canned peaches are are mysteriously being imported from China in small batches. Every other time you will see they are a product of China then back to product of USA. Not that the Gl*bal*st are not putting the NaN*TCk in our food here in USA. THEY ARE! The Nan*T*ch they are putting in our foods will not be on the label.

  15. Time travel, Dimensional Travel are all at play in the Spirit World. 1000 years is a minute, day, or a year to our Lord and Creator. Man in this dimension can not comprehend things in that God does not want us to know. That is why FAITH in our Lord Jesus Christ is the Only thing we need, EVER! There are some really wicked folks taking orders from Satan right now but we will soon see the return of Jesus Christ! HAVE FAITH FOLKS!

  16. Well, well, well, this would explain in part, why they are suddenly so against private gardens and farmers. That would be yet another reason certain high profile folks were/are snapping up farmland. My GP wouldn't even offer the yearly flu dew-hickey for the past two years because, he is concerned the other dew-hickey might be in it. They will do anything to get this evil in our veins. I mean how the heck did 70% of the deer tested in WV by the forestry department test positive for the 19c antibodies? What? Some sickly hunter was running around the woods coughing on deer? I know this all sounds nuts but not nearly as crazy as "they" sound.

  17. It's so weird I happened along this video. Just about an hour ago I was making my coffee and wondering if anyone was safe with what they're doing to our food. Nothing tastes like it used to. We already know they have targeted Amish farms and tried to stop them from producing milk, goats milk etc… As they were always pure without the CDC stepping in trying to sprinkle their poison on what people ingest.

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