mRNA Vaccine in Human Milk – More Thoughts

mRNA Vaccine in Human Milk – More Thoughts

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  1. Dr. Been explains complex concepts in a very understandable and therefore retainable way. Thanks. We have a pregnant friend who is fully vaxxed and is now pregnant and the baby is experiencing IUGR. The OB stated they are seeing this often. Any studies on this?

  2. Covid was made by
    Bill Gates
    Ted Turner
    And Buffet
    It is the Vax that is the blue pill, I've never been Vaxed in life.
    If the government gives it for free just say NO! Sorry Vaxers.
    I'm 59 and never been Vaxed and never been sick I stepped on 23 rusty nails and never had a tetanus shot because the rusty nail were not covered in cow crap.
    People do ur reasurch do not take advise off the Government cable news. Your body can heal its self. I guess the dumb die younge now a days?
    By the way Gates has been arrested by the FBI.

  3. I believe the virus infected my skin of my feet…I have something like psoriasis in my feet since after my first infection in March 2020…I went on to have long COVID but I have recovered almost completely…

  4. Thank you for this video! I did not get vaccinated. I worry about my children and grandchildren who are all vaccinated. What is the vaccination doing to their bodies in the long run? More and more each day it seems like we are not going to have to wait the “long run” to see what it’s doing to them. Every day people are coming forward with health problems they never had before.

  5. I don’t understand how shedding works. What is being shed? What does spike mean?
    Almost all our families are v. a. X. I should have been more careful around them if that’s true they are shedding virus ect. I’d like to know more how we can protect ourselves. We had Covid then 6 months later Covid again. We had expected our natural immunity to last longer than 6 months.

  6. All of this was conjecture from day 1. People have clearly stated that LNP was going to result in the mRNA getting everywhere even before the EUP.

    Anyone who is shocked by this news, frankly, needs to really do some soul searching.

  7. from what i understand and i was speaking to another Dr about this, he told me the real scandal of this finding of MrNA vaccine in Mum's milk is it means it can also be delivered in most foods you eat. start checking your brands…seriously.

  8. i think this is how they teach medical students and thanks to you doc we are very lucky to experience and understand certain mechanisms of the body without going to med school.

  9. @16:46 QQQ a question nobody probably would be able to answer, but we should think about it: what would be the long-term implications of the breast health if the breast tissue cells continuously form spike proteiens? (for instance after every booster).
    I understand that there's the same concern when one gets the infection, but Dr Mobeen described LNPs going freely through the barriers between blood and breast tissue.
    My guess is, for an infection it's most probably less likely, because it must be 1.viable mRNA, ie able to code for a protein, and 2. inside a lipid coated structure like an EV? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  10. QQ Could you do another of your excellent mechanisms lectures on the following: in Dr Hong's latest video he shortly discusses the role of the microRNA in EVs from breastmilk under *normal circumstances without vaccine*. MicroRNA from milk EVs are absorbed by infant's intestinal cells and have a roll in immune cell maturation, regulation of immune response and formation of neuro synapses. This sounds super interesting and would love to learn more about it.

  11. REUTERS: mRNA vaccine is the coolest medicine ever created and we love it so much that we are willing to lie about the truth promoting "THE truth". Also, thank you Bill for your donations.

  12. They collected the semen far to late. They could prove mRNA up to 45 hours in milk, but the semen study was after 75 days. It has to be repeated collecting semen within the same time. The longer you wait the lesser the chance to find it. And by that any negative effects on sperm.

  13. Dr. Mobeen, I have some ppl telling me it’s not a big deal if mRNA is making spike because spike is harmless and “The vaccine spike has been mutated at the K986 and V987 sites in the S2 subunit which keeps it locked in the prefusion state.” What are your thoughts?

  14. Dr been God bless you sir for all the hard work you do for us all I want to thank you and say how much I appreciate you. You have a way of explaining I’ve learnt so much since I found you 3 months ago I think your the best, Your amazing !

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