mRNA Vaccines Show No Mortality Benefit – Danish Study

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The mRNA vaccines have been endlessly billed as “Safe & Effective.” But are they?

A lot depends on what one means by “safe” (which is always a relative term, as nothing is ever perfectly safe) and what the definition of “effective” is.

By effective, I think we can all agree that a vaccine designed to be mass adopted in the midst of a pandemic ought to reduce deaths from the pandemic disease. That means it ought to reduce overall mortality.

Hopefully, we can agree that’s the right metric, because if a vaccine reduces some deaths in this part of the equation, but induces a similar amount of deaths over in some other part of the health equation, then it’s not actually being “effective” in terms of reducing mortality.

A new Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits. Zero. Nada. So, let’s list what the vaccines don’t do: they don’t stop infection or transmission and they don’t reduce deaths. Using only RCT trial data from the pharma companies themselves, the pooled results from the mRNA vaccines show no discernible mortality benefit.

Alternatively, and quite happily, the adenovirus vector vaccines – that’s J&J and Astra-Zeneca – do show a VERY positive mortality benefit from Covid and, intriguingly, even from non-Covid deaths. How can this be? I don’t know, but it’s the sort of data that begs for more inquiry and understanding.

One does not need a PhD in public health policy to understand that the only appropriate response to this data would be to promote the adenovirus vaccines over the mRNA vaccines.

But the exact opposite happened and that’s quite a scientific, medical and public health mystery. Certainly, we could make allowances for that to happen in the first early months of the pandemic. But now? A full 16 months after the launch of the vaccines? It’s very difficult to explain what the CDC, NIH and FDA were up to with their collective tens of billions of dollars of budgetary funding.

These are legitimate questions and concerns to address and the only question I have is “will the Big Tech censors allow us to ask them, or will this be taken down too?”


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  1. If you read the "table 1" of the study which the authors get their conclusion from, you will clearly know that the study is a garbage due to data defect for the following reason:

    The table 1 shows:

    Pfizer's Accident mortality ratio is 0 :1 ( Vaccine: Placdbo)

    Moderna's Accident mortality is 2: 1 (Vaccine: Placdbo)

    i.e. the accident mortality ratio of Vaccine to Placdbo is more significant than other ratios, e.g. Cardiovascular mortality(9:6 for Pifzer, 7:5 for Moderna). Because the accident mortality ( traffic death, homicide etc.) ratio is garbage data which does not indicate anything about the effect of the vaccine, but this ratio is at least the same or more significant than the other mortality ratios the author used to get her/his conclusion and all these ratios use the same data set. Therefore the conclusions the author gets from the other mortality ratios are just garbage like the accident mortality ratio.

  2. As this information was known by the medical powers and kept hidden – will the insurance industry be able to sue big pharma…as they are the ones paying out life insurance for the mass amount of all cause mortality- casualties to failed public health policy.

  3. A big problem is that important information like this is reaching a very select audience, one that has already been questioning the narrative. When will this reach the mainstream audience in a way that they will even consider it as true?

  4. In my view, there is only one logical conclusion that I can come to, i.e. the total & absolute lack of data coming from the CDC, is that from the onset, the intention was not to save or protect lives. Quite possibly the opposite!!

  5. Bogus claims b y this channel and other anti-vaxxers: "A Danish preprint study did not conclude that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines harm the immune system nor did the authors conclude that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are completely ineffective against the Omicron variant. However, many on social media have misinterpreted vaccine effectiveness (VE) estimates published in one table within the research." Just google it people. This channel if full of crap.

  6. Off topic, but I need to mention something important. There is something sketchy going on with the food supply. I have an EXTREMELY acute sense of smell. Lately I have noticed that many snack foods which are made with flour smell terribly rancid. Crackers for example. I just opened two different boxes of gourmet crackers from different brands and they smell like they are long expired even though they are fresh. This is happening quite frequently. I think they are using really old flour to make the processed food items. Which makes me wonder if there have been some crop failures and they are now using old stock or livestock quality grains or something along those lines. I’ve noticed that most brands of organic oatmeal have consistently smelled rancid for several years now but the wheat products used to smell okay.

  7. I would say the 'said products' INCREASE mortality rate by 17% based on what they show, NON CV all cause mortality. You can get into a car accident after you have taken 'said product (plenty of reports of accidents after X, esp within 1-2 hours of receiving) but being in the placebo group would NEVER increase your chances of getting into a car accident. Gun/stabbing fatalities of course would need to excluded from this data all together.

    Oh and Dr Seneff on the HIGH wire just mentioned that J-J was the riskiest to take based on Va E Rs data. Could it be that more data manipulation was done by J-J and AZ? I remember back in Jan-MAY 2021 that both PF and AZ were fighting who could 'end' people faster – based on now deleted data on social media.

  8. I think the most significant study was one you presented in 2020. 94.9% of all hospital cases having 1 or more of 5 co morbidities, enough said

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  10. Check out biontech se form 20-F page 6 risks where they admit that the vaccine would not meet efficacy and safety so it needed to be pushed through emergency authorization illegallly

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