MSM Big Mad Joe Biden Tricked Into Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’


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  1. Beijing Bidens Mental State.. He can still Ramble words non stop and make them sound pretty well .. Yet he really does not comprehend Questions ..
    Get Groper Joe to repeat Let's Go Brandon is the Ultimate Troll because it proves that Joe is Totally Senile ..

  2. Joe always walked around naked in front ot Female Secret Service Agents when his wife was not around.. He also grabbed tha A** of a Secret Service Agents girl friend at a Christmas party and the Agent punched him when he was VP ..

  3. Let’s go Brandon is so epic, so creative & effective because it is multi-layered. It sums up so many issues. Dumb f*ck leftists think it ONLY means fuck joe biden.

  4. 2020 is gonna be the tits?! Lol I don't know that made me laugh so hard. I do feel that people have been sharpening their wits and about to spew their verbiage on a good many politicians that deserve serious dressing down from the masses of humanity they have wronged! was that too much? I'm a little delirious today was my first day off in almost 2 weeks.

  5. A home run of truth, thanks Salty for all you do.
    I haven't sworn since I was 12 when my mom literally washed my mouth out with soap; and I'm 55 now. But, I get, I understand & appreciate every well placed salty swear word in your statements & agree with them all.
    The greatest nation to give liberty & freedom & opportunity in history is being run into the ground by idiots in many walks of life that think their wealth & power just appeared one day & was given to them & that they can't destroy it all with their communistic ideals. We all know better & the crazy thing is that it will be the worst for minority groups, the ones that they say, "support us & the govt will take care of you" & they know it is a lie to keep them in power over the disaster they are creating.

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