MSM Confused Why Healthy Women Under 40 Are Dying At Alarming Rate


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  1. Maybe it's just a coincidence that an outspoken population control advocate has become the largest farm land owner and has gotten evolved in medical vaccines

  2. I've had restless leg syndrome since I wad a kid and lately my leg muscles feel stiff.. maybe it's because I walk so much and but lately I've been thinking maybe I am loosening up blood clots… they sell medicine to stop this shaky leg disease and tell people to stop doing it.. I seriously do it day and night and walk a lot to keep my blood flowing. My family has a history of heart disease… I think maybe shaky leg disease helps loosen blood clots.. there's a lot of plastic in our bodies.. maybe it clots in your legs.. it's pretty far from your heart so needs a lot of pressure causing high blood pressure.. my dear boy Watson I do believe we've cracked the case again.. outstanding Mr Holmes.. elementary my dear boy… elementary…

  3. I developed bi-lateral DVTs four years ago. UK. My right leg had an 8 inch clot above and below the knee and my leg swelled to twice normal size. Three Docs missed it and one said I had a muscle strain. A hospital Doc I saw for something else told me to go straight to A&E (ER). Next day the senior GP took a look and I was straight to hospital, on clot-buster drips and was told that as it dissolved, it could kill me. Right to my face; 'This could be fatal. ANY symptoms, call Emergency.'
    I say this because I was called Three times by my GP to go in for the ConVid shot. They were miffed I said NO (Because they were paid by the shot..) Even though clots were already being reported, they still insisted I had the Jabs. I take anti-coags every day! I'm so glad I refused. They're not even proper vaxxines FFS.

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