MSM Hopes You’ll Just Accept the Election Despite Outstanding Evidence of Fraud

NOOOO don’t look into voting machine irregularities and ballot harvesting what are you a Putin loving far right conspiracy theorist????


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  1. They didn't believe that they lost and basically ruined Trump's victory last time round, and blamed Russian collusion. But the other way, they're so pious and watching Steven Colbert cry and sob that he knew Trump would do that.( Contest the ballots) They are so manipulative. To make Trump look unreasonable for seeing blatant cheating. It's like a psychopath gaslighting it's victim. No you don't actually see what's happening here. No nothing unusual. No, don't question a great voting system. So gaslighty . They're the do as I say but not as I do Democratic narcissists. Hugely manipulative.

  2. Can’t state legislators select who gets the electoral votes per article 2 of federal constitution ?

    Folks were worried Democrat legislators would just say their votes should go to national majority rule; why can’t elected Republican legislators say that they were voted in by the state and their votes will go to Republicans?

  3. biden couldn't even get 100 people to watch his speeches and now he's the most voted presidential candidate ever? trump had a big lead in wisconsin, michigan, etc. and then they stopped counting the votes and when they resumed the counting pretty much all of the votes were for biden?! they just started finding mail-in ballots everywhere when they needed it. dead people voting for democrats.. poll watchers stopped from watching how the votes were being counted. who's to say that they didn't just started throwing trump ballots to the trash? nobody knows what they did. IT'S A FRAUD. IT'S A BLATANT FRAUD. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. they have to either give trump the victory or redo the election with in-person voting, with identification and in a paper ballot and with poll watchers everywhere. THEY STOLE IT! and they keep increasing biden's vote count with fraudulent ballots just so it leaves the automatic recount margin. the fraud is absurd.

  4. Run for governor in Delaware, You will educate and start a political stronghold for libertarian views, you say you don’t care what people think you would be immune to any negative attacks. Society is not ready for a 666 user name but I see good if you ran, I think you can be exceptional on stage vs the armchair, I’m 57 and happy to see so much common sense, Trump is the same way.

  5. Here is another log for the fire: the Democratic Party has spent the last thirty years staffing the US Post Office with minorities so they would be at the ready for just this occasion. Watch. Postal Cartiers are going to be questioned, caught, step forward, etc. All will be minorities.

  6. November 7th is hereby called Bidehog Day. If Joe Biden comes out and hears car horns and sees fireworks it is said there will be 6 more months of rioting.

  7. I don't believe software has "glitches." It's just code written by humans to tabulate a result. Very simple process. I don't think there was a glitch unless the code was changed. Also, have to say I am done with Fox News. The suspension of judge Jeanine is the final straw for me. They have now shown who and what they are. Kinda sad because that is just one more social/cultural presence I will no longer be listening to or patronizing. I guess I still have Styxhexenhammer666 though, if he flips on me, then I won't believe in anything anymore!

  8. It would have been nice if Joe Biden had conceded on tuesday or soon after that… and that is what he needs to do. not conceding only makes it worse.

  9. Every ballot needs to be confirmed as being from a real , living, legal citizen, who is eligible to vote in that district. That in itself should be enough. Ballots are never to be destroyed, so if there are ballots destroyed, then that states votes cannot count. If there is absolute proof that impropriety has taken place and the potential exists that the outcome could be in question, then that state or district must be thrown out. There is clearly laws broken , perioe

  10. The doj will get involved December 14th 10 days after the election. There is plenty of evidence of vote fraud. And Donald Trump will push it to the wall.

  11. Anybody starting to understand why they don't allow mail-in voting or even electronic voting in most other countries?
    Not hard for criminal high-level insiders to hack the computers and flip the vote. I have never understood why computer voting is allowed or why anyone would ever trust it. Especially in this political environment with a party who we know would do ANYTHING to get rid of President Trump and get their hands back on the levers of power. It's not like they and their MSM abettors have not been lying every day for four + years.

  12. Unless the ballots are burned or destroyed by acid, the ballot votes can be retrieved. However if they are shredded, this is the best scenario from attempted evidence destruction and they can still be OCR'ed and using OCR AI and a quantum computer which the US has 2 or 3 dozen of, they can be scanned and repair enough to rebuild the vote counts though probably not each specific ballot in a reasonable time. This is of course, can be done with greater degree of accuracy and speed with higher probability of success if the fixers trashbag the shredded ballots together as they were successively shredded and trashbagged in batches which is likely to be the case if the ballot fixers on site were to attempt to destroy the ballots with whatever's likely conveniently available on-site and shredders and trashbags usually are. If they were going to burn the ballots, a fire might be deemed too dangerous by them and the smoke a hazard unless they have a cordoned courtyard which would then allow outsiders a facility breach point which they're unlikely going to do to maintain a secure facility. Acid is unlikely to be on-site, in sufficient quantity, and of sufficient pH level to destroy the ballots and quickly enough anyways. Though, if they realize the gravity of their situation, they'd realize their best option is to surrender as they're just delaying the inevitable and increasing the severity of their possible crimes. Scrutinized and overseen law enforcement should be on site immediately to stop any and all activity or supervise all activity days ago if there's still conservative groups protesting outside of these sites trying to regain access and oversight.

  13. The press was once called "The Fourth Estate", but they've become the Dems fourth branch of government– The Ministry of Propaganda. Or you could say they were "The Fifth Columnists"

  14. The left said for over 3 years the fair 2016 election was rigged (by Russia). Well this 2020 election can serve as an example of strong suspected election fraud worthy of investigation.