MSM Pretends School Lockdowns Didn’t Make Learning Loss WORSE, David Zweig Corrects The Record

Journalist David Zweig weighs in on the relationship between virtual learning and students’ most recent scores on the National Assessment of Education Progress. #school #NAEP #Covid

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  1. I'd love to see a good guest come on once where Bri doesn't try to manipulate the "message" into "left just wants to save the rainbows but the right actually won't let us. Tell me, why won't the right let us?"

  2. Oh Christ Bri what a horrible and disingenuous take on this. Everybody knows California faked the numbers to make it look better than it is. If these numbers were true, why did California fight so hard to not release the numbers???? I live in California and daily hear the B.S. that comes out of this state.

  3. Bri is trying to fair in this one and she made the greatest point to addressing "what should we do now?". I personally will still speak on this because of the vitriol many ppl experienced during this time but we can't just stand here and get caught up in the I told you so mentality. The way we teach and education probably will need local ppl to invest because everything else in my mind has proven to be ineffective

  4. Test scores did not go down because of masks. That's dumb Even when schools "opened" they were quarantining kids and sending them home repeatedly for exposures. Whining and pointing fingers doesn't fix anything. Strategies forgetting kids back on track are necessary and when I hear about schools who didn't spend their COVID money I'm livid. My kid's school hired additional paraprofessionals to support kids who need extra attention academically.

  5. Congratulations Bri you can finally look in the mirror and see msnbc. You've pushed the mainstream narrative on covid and have been proven wrong time and time again, yet still try to grasp at anything only to show us your narcissism.

  6. Sad that the mainstream media couldn't wait to spin this as they were right instead of admitting they got duped. They could go a long way towards national healing if they'd take the lead and start by admitting they didn't do their jobs as journalists. But instead they'll double and triple down on misreporting to ensure the brain dead continue to think they were right all along

  7. I am curious, were there analysis about whether the remote learning even had any benefits in fighting covid? According to the CDC almost all kids have had it already, did remote learning do anything at all?

  8. Bri was just wrong on this issue, and now she’s projecting a lot. She ends with saying we need to look at how to fix these issues instead of placing blame (very convenient) but that’s exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t trying to place blame, he was sighting the specific policies that carried a negative impact, even on the kids that went to school and opposed reintroducing those policies that clearly failed these children.

  9. I am tired of The Hill's Monday morning quarterbacking. Yes, in hindsight it was not a good public policy decision but since children were considered to be a disease vectors, it was necessary to prevent large number of death and it may as well have prevented larger number of deaths.

  10. The scores about kids in school that I am concerned about: how many kids have been kidnapped since these schools opened up, how many kids have been r@ped by teachers, how many kids were killed by school shootings. Get me those numbers

  11. We in Michigan have no idea about any of this because governor witless said she only shut schools down for 3 months during her debate when in reality we the people know she shut them down for more than a year and when reopened it was with strict rules. Some brave schools defied her and 
    stayed open

  12. Dude . All you did was went through another angle at looking at it. Their narrative is why you disagree. Smh don't matter the scores are bad regardless. You want to tell us what to think. He had no solutions . Democrats never have solutions .

  13. as long as we tell everyone we are #1 people will not want to go to Europe or Scandanavia to see how much better off they are . most people could not point our Portugal on the map anyway.

  14. The numbers to begin with, pre-pandemic, weren’t that great. Plus the article goes on to say the results were mixed. That no clear trend wa observed between states and cities that lockdown for longer versus those that didn’t.

    The starting points were already meager 34% and 41% proficiencies.

    ""In the test’s first results since the pandemic began, math scores for eighth graders fell in nearly every state. A meager 26 percent of eighth graders were proficient, down from 34 percent in 2019.
    Fourth graders fared only slightly better, with declines in 41 states. Just 36 percent of fourth graders were proficient in math, down from 41 percent.""

    ""The picture was mixed, and performance varied by grade level and subject matter in ways that were not always clear cut.
    For example, Texas, where many schools opened sooner, held steady in reading but posted declines similar to national averages in math.
    In California, which stood out for its caution in reopening schools, scores declined slightly less than national averages in several categories — about in line with Florida, which was a leader in opening schools sooner. Los Angeles stayed closed longer than almost anywhere else in the country, according to data by Burbio, a school tracking site, yet it was the only place to show significant gains in eighth-grade reading."

  15. Imagine how kids’ learning is being impeded in war zones such as Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Ukraine. Yet the policy there is to continue war instead of diplomacy.

  16. No one, including these three, wants to look closely at or think outside the box about what factors impact kids in the classroom. Precious few if any people who opine on “learning loss” have actually talked to children, choosing instead to follow their confirmation bias to conclude that being out of school was “devastating” for children. Meanwhile, what was used to come to such a conclusion? Standardized tests, and nothing else. The same tests that kids and teachers alike detest for their total disregard for individual needs and learning styles. When did we decide that standardized testing numbers are comprehensively illuminating? When did we decide that public school instruction and results were so great before Covid? Who decided that whether or not children saw their friends during Covid was completely immaterial to evaluating Covid policies? And who, if anyone, asked the question “What was a kid’s motivation to do well on the test like when they were not pressured to see it as going on their ‘permanent record’?” There’s the problem with using only one-size-fits-all measures to judge individual human beings (something adults refuse to allow to be done to them); same problem with grades and standardized curricula. You all think you’re defending children here but you’re not. You’re defending our industrial school system and nothing more.

  17. If we must adapt our behavior to viruses, why aren't we installing air purifiers into classrooms and encouraging outside study to allow for the absorption of vitamin D? Zinc pills can also be administered. Just some thoughts, I'm sure there are holes in this recommendation- I'm not a doctor or a PHd holder.

  18. I hate when she words things like "adults were dying at higher rates, but kids were dying" when rationalizing school closings. Many many more kids died in traffic accidents. We still have freeways. Like, people die at a certain rate in every age group, we do not upend society over it. A very small amount of kids died from covid, and almost zero were healthy kids without significant health issues.

  19. I'm a teacher. Not only have test scores dropped, our younger students have no idea how to act in school – which means that they STILL are not learning. The chaos, disruption, and complete lack of focus in our kids is horrifying.

  20. This reporter also misinterpreted the results or atleast misrepresented them for an agenda. Do I believe that remote learning would preform worse than in person learning? Of course, how would it not? Were teachers trained in remote learning techniques before the pandemic? No, they were trained in how to best teach in a classroom environment. Were schools technologies geared for remote learning? No, things had to be put into place rather quickly. Even the students were used to certain methods and been trained for years for an in person learning method. But the decision to go remote was not done because any believed it would be as good as in person learning, but to save lives while still having some learning going on. That would be a better analysis would be to look at COVID death rates in districts that were more in person vs districts that were more remote based. If in person learning correlated to 3 more deaths per 100,000 is it worth kids learning less to save those 3 lives per 100,000? What if it were 100 lives per 100,000 or 1,O00?

  21. Your study should tell you how BAD HOME SCHOOLING IS! Parents who do that always say the professionals are not teaching the kids yet your study points a finger back to home schooling LOWERS the child's ability to be successful in life. If I hadn't gone to public schools I'd never have heard about nursing. I became a Candy Stripper and got my license in the 80s. My family was in show business and all they ever talked about was Hollywood. That program is probably why we can't agree on anything anymore.

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