MSM Smears Rising Host As Conspiracy Theorist, Misses Entire Point Of Show: Kim Iversen, Robby Soave

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave react to reporting by the Daily Beast that alleges behind the scenes “problems” at The Hill over Kim’s views.

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  1. What absolute garbage – the last several months have proven that the "misinformation" experts are the MSM (Stelter, et al.), with them peddling repeated lies about anything ranging from covid, Hunter Biden, Ukraine labs, etc. the list goes on – and them being proven wrong every time. Keep on fighting, Kim!

  2. It's called an open discussion. That's ok if people don't agree with everyone. We are so programed to think we all need to agree and see things the same way. Love all of you!!!

  3. This sh!t isn't funny anymore. It's only gonna get worse. People are not going to be able to speak against their false narratives anymore without getting in trouble into serious trouble. We're down a dangerous path.

  4. The Daily Beast — "Staffers at the D.C. outlet have complained to management about The Hill." Note to self: It's really hard avoiding an ad hominem just with this statement alone. 🙂

  5. I’d be surprised if Kim is not the most popular figure on this show. At this point misinformation and conspiracy theories have run up the score against their supposedly reliable critics

  6. Iversen's integrity and open mindedness, is as obvious as the utter corruption of the corporate owned media. Now the two crime cabals in DC, will not even debate each other. Most observers are beyond shock or revulsion.

  7. In the popular NCIS TV series was a profound statement about a paranoid guy asking for help. "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you ". Just because people are "Conspiracy theorists" doesn't mean there are no conspiracies.

  8. F – the daily beast. They have nothing better to write than left-wing hate smearing opinions. They are never factual that is known to good people. You rock Kim !

  9. Yea I love Kim all the cry babies that think she’s shocking or “dangerous” should develop some coping skills or get a hobby since they obviously need a distraction from the big bad triggers.

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