MSNBC Blames Bernie For Biden’s Shortcomings

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  1. What make me so angry is those talking heads get paid a lot of money to just repeat nonsense. They could at least make better arguments to earn that money. And then they're so smug on top of it. And NO ONE is there to challenge them. Ignorant people saying stupid things to other ignorant people for money. AMAZIN!

  2. That man is so wrong… Our country has lived in capitalism for ever… It’s time for a change and the majority of people are not afraid of democratic socialism since we already have it to a small degree here… M4 all…Besides Latinos voted for Bernie…!…

  3. MSNBC is pushing pure propaganda here!!!!! Bernie Sanders was the most popular candidate in the Latino community in Florida, NOT THE OPPOSITE! Biden needs to adopt Bernie more, not less!

  4. It's completely fucked up that the Dems are preparing for a loss to trump. The most beatable incumbent in US history, if not the world. It shows they aren't serious about winning at all. Paid Losers! Like a prize fighter taking a dive. Calling them feckless would be a compliment. Biden will most likely win because trump is that much unlikable. After trump, a new 3rd party has emerge to challenge the Dems and displace the Republicans. Seriously, on November 4th, the Movement for a Peoples Party has to register and begin campaigning for 2022 and 2024.

  5. I'm confused. I'm listening to a pundit on MSNBC who sounds as if he were pulled by a time warp out of the 1950s Mccarthyism era, and is entirely out of step with the rest of the Western world on common sense social programs that work, and raise the standard of living for the entire population. Is MSNBC caught in a 70 year old time warp? Or is the United States political class crassly willing to promote Oligarchy at all costs?

  6. I think Bernie should have never labeled himself a socialist..because the establishment runs with that and distorts his image..Bernie is not stupid, but he's not the brightest sometimes..

  7. That guy is a right winger. He used to be a Republican Congressman. "Used to" because he LOST his heavily latino district in 2018, so his grasp on how to "win" latino voters in Florida is suspect.

  8. There is a hint of truth here and it all boils down to messaging. Social Democrat sounds SO much better than Democratic SOCIALIST. FDR called himself a Social Democrat. Bernie has never advocated for the government to take control of the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods. So, why does he call himself a SOCIALIST? Bernie thinks the government should benefit the people of America rather than the wealthy corporations. He is a Social Democrat not a Corporate Democrat. Nuance is important, especially in a country with idiots who will tell you how much they love their Medicare and Social Security then say socialism comes from the devil, all in the same breath.

  9. We’ve been predicting they would do this for at least a yr had Biden been the nominee. If Biden wins, it will be ALL Biden. If he loses it will be ALL Sander’s fault. I wish they’d come out and say, “ok Sanders is important and if Biden wins we have to give him credit”. But they won’t do that cause it’s pure neoliberal hypocrisy that doesn’t want healthcare, etc

  10. RIP RBG. Goodbye ACA, amongst many other things. We told you this was going to happen if Hillary Clinton wasn't elected. Alas, she was too icky for the ideological purists like Kulinski. Will the ideologues actually do some heavy lifting this election? Stay tuned.

  11. The only way Bernie or a Bernie like supporter will be elected in 2024 is for Trump to win in 2020. The Democrats suppressed the Socialist movement in 2016 and 2020. A Trump win will shine more light on that and hopefully after 4 more years of Trump they will be held accountable for denying Socialists the right to run.

  12. 3:00 Progressives: Medicare4All, Living Wage, Free College, Anti-War
    BLM, the sentiment not the organization: Anti-Immigration, Police Brutality, Cut-The-Check
    Trump Republicans: Anti-Immigration, Deregulation, Law-and-Order
    The Establishment, both Dems & Reps: Pro-War, Deregulation, Law-and-Order