MSNBC Claims Russia And Even Putin HIMSELF Was Involved In Flynn’s Case Being Dropped, They’re NUTS

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  1. they chose Russia because they can characterize them in the most stereotypical, cartoonish fear mongering way and no one will call them racist

  2. It would almost seem that both the media and the dems must have been much inspired by their role-model Adolf Hitler. They at least would be VERY impressed by Hitlers hate towards everything russian.
    CNN = Clinton Nazi Network?

  3. Tim quit calling them Rogue FBI agents FFS. It was the top tier of the Obama Administration. But I will say you have come a long way since I started watching a couple years ago, even though you fight it tooth and nail when the truth is obvious for many to see.

  4. A couple times when Tim's said "You probably see Fox News as recommended by this video," I've looked, and yep, there they are.

  5. Putin: I have more spies in the Democrats, than spies in the Republicans.

    MSM: Putin admits to spies in the white supremacists.

  6. I just said the other day to my therapist that I have to laugh @ some things or I will cry @ everything! I think there are a lost of people who feel the same.

  7. "33yo with a tiktok account"
    That was tacky. Do jokes only matter when they come from the left?
    If it was a joke and he always does this what are you tripping for?

  8. New conservative is live and let live? Bullshit! The right the right is still against things like gay marriage, I don't buy anything else just because they're distracted by the sjws.
    Stop with that talking point of "oh conservatives are so accepting now, they aren't"
    When the log cabin republicans disband because they don't feel distinct from other republicans then maybe you'll have a point.

    If you're gonna leave a political affiliation just because a lot of them are idiots then maybe you weren't really a part of them in the first place.
    IDC what the crazy side or the left does I'm still a liberal. You should really keep in mind that there are normal people and politics outside if the culture war.
    The average conservative is not down with the gays.

  9. My garbage is better than your garbage. My lies are gospel, your lies are fake. C'mon. man, only a fool believes the media about anything.

  10. Don’t you love how nothing the msm has said Russia has done is remotely provable? Everything we’ve come to learn has only been their own crooked ass mistakes and corruption coverups. You’d think for a party that prides itself on being so adept and advanced they wouldn’t be so God damned useless and inept. Thank Christ the swamp is being exposed. I can’t even imagine if none of this came to light

  11. Obama and Biden knew.
    Putin then ordered case dropped.
    Obama and Biden CONFIRMED in Russian collusion by MSNBC.
    Lock them up. Lock them up. Lock them up.

  12. I bet Putin has a new drinking game at the Kremlin where he watches MSNBC and CNN and every time they say Russian Collusion or the name Putin he must take a shot of Vodka and by noon every day, he is drunk off his ass!

  13. The other night I got up to have a piss and I ended up stubbing my toe in the dark. Pretty sure Putin was directly involved in that too.

  14. Oh fuck off Tim!!! What would you know about how the right is on social issues? You're not on the receiving end of their prejiduce. The right is still largely anti LGBT and against many social issues.
    I've already been harassed a few times in YOUR comment sections for being ok with gender non conformity, standing up for gay rights, and pointing out the right is still mostly homophobic. Idiots will put words in my mouth saying "oh poor alphabet soup people such victims" (each time they literally used the phrase alphabet soup people)
    So I don't want to hear about how totally accepting the right is from a straight male leftist.

  15. Over at CNN and MSNBC, the comments sound like the echo chamber from Hell as all the comments are Putin, Russia, Trump tearing up the Constitution. They're smarter than us, just ask them!

  16. Corrupt leaders are not called rogue. Thats like calling xi jin ping and Putin rogue. They were leaders of a global level security agency, Tim, who went after a global level presidential appointee. Significant action that challenges the core of our constitution and republic's transfer of power from one administration to the duly elected incoming administration.

  17. You have trouble understanding the levels of significance and impact in stratas of societies i.e. basic local all the way to global. You assign equal to value to situations of lesser significance as those of major impact, devaluing the latter.