MSNBC Declares Dems Doomed in Midterms, Encourages Doubling Down on Agenda that Doomed Them

“That is a bad idea”:

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  1. Really looking forward to (if anyone lives that long) when StyxHexenDaughter, on her YouTube channel, is loudly bitching about how her father's generation destroyed her future by withholding her financial opportunities by not living in squalor. It WILL happen, because it has never NOT happened…

  2. I'm so done with people covering for millennials. Millennials threw away their opportunities, they weren't robbed.

    1. They chased fake degrees like gender studies.
    2. They had opportunities for scholarships and grants Gen Z will never had and did nothing with.
    3. Many got good paying jobs and blew their money away with hedonistic pursuits like clubbing.
    4. Many of them racked up credit card debt on shit they didn't need.
    5. They lived with their parents while doing this.
    6. They refused to start businesses because some of them were beneath them. (Say lawn scaping or other blue collar work.)
    7. Millennial teachers spread their lefty BS to Gen Z.
    8. They produced no industries of any value at all. Social media has been a net negative on society and millennials made it addictive.
    9. They voted in Biden by a large margin and ultimately voted to ruin this country.

    Millennials are a garbage generation. They need to take responsibility already and stop blaming mommy and daddy for their own failures. Spoiled brats.

  3. Easter Sunday is not (and has never been) a pagan fertility festival, it's origins come from the Jewish Passover (which celebrates the freeing of the Jews from slavery in Egypt) which was added to by the execution and resurrection of Jesus (although, I doubt you believe in the latter).

  4. The main problem with the Dems doing more is that it won’t take much more to put us in a decline too steep to correct.

    And since the puppeteers in the shadows want that to happen so they can tighten the leash, I can easily see the Dems and Rhinos fucking us over despite all the warnings.

    At that time people are going to have to step in and force a correction.

  5. As a casual observer, I'd like them to keep it up. The more they alienate, the more it makes room for better people. Like covid, they need to be allowed to burn through, and burn out.

  6. I am 49, 14 years ago our naive youth bought into “hope and change” for eight years. And they thought they were getting a free ride. The feee times never came and it turned into ‘anger and rage’. DT only causes that mask to slip. Now, 14 years later, they are in their 30s and 40s and not only are they seething and angry, but they are hyper obsessed with awkward culture issue.

  7. styx, man we know about youre other platforms. why subject us to the same intrp to every video? cant you just truncate your encouragement to use other platforms if only tp make your yt audience feel less like idiots?

  8. Dude if you don't think a LARGE part of Gen X got screwed out of making the move to the middle class you're crazy. Our family didn't have money to send people to college- however my mother was able in the early 80s to go to the state capital and take the state test and scored well enough to be offered her choice of several positions with Human Services; you have to have a bachelors to even drop off a res at this point. And that's not even speaking about quotas. And of course I didn't grow up with her, lived in a different state and didn't benefit from her fortunes. Which isn't uncommon btw. From a town N neighborhood of people with similars stories. Not all white people older than you had it good. Don't be a putz

  9. I nix believe those fake polls 'cause after the now current crook California governor came up for a "recall" late last year after DESTROYING THOUSANDS OF BUSINESSES HERE IN CALIFORNIA, all these dummies then in their "intimate wisdom", REELECTED THIS JODIDO AAAAAAAAGGGGGAAAAIIIINNNNN!!!!….. Go gecocker figure………

  10. its not a pagan fertility festival lol its passover and the resurrection of Christ. Perhaps for people that just celebrate the hallmark version sure but not those who goto church.

  11. India GeoPolitics reporter TFIGlobal, is predicting Biden will be forcibly "retired" after the mid terms. I wonder if that happens, will the US get another Rockefeller vp, as Nixon/Ford did after Nixon resigned? Obama came from the Trilateral Commission and represents the Rockefeller International Bankers. I expect more of the same. And as the Council on Foreign Affairs (Rockefeller Org) makes clear in Foreign Affairs, their intent is the "end the era of Liberal Democracy" and take us into the New World Order. I expect more of the same for the reast of this D term

  12. LOL. In Colorado the right leaning unaffiliated voters outnumber the registered Democrats in every county except the big three and when combined with the GOP dominated rural counties and El Paso County where the oath keepers are, along with the Air Force Academy and poor old Gov Polis has to mind his p's and q's. So our economy is recovering nicely, thank you. We will probably slip back to a swing state by the next presidential election because our state constitution has built in term limits on every state level elected office and a bunch of legislature seats, AG, and SOS are in play due to redistricting at the state level we took away from them and gave to an independent commission. Both parties have challenged our new amendments that allow unaffiliated voters to vote in either primary they choose and still vote unaffiliated in the general election. That is the result of a state constitution that allows the electors to directly amend the constitution. You should research the history of our state. We are true libertarians. Something about all that money in Aspen has something to do with it too.

    because they can NEVER AFFORD
    TO BE WRONG because their AGENDA

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