MSNBC Host Calls for Robert Mueller To INVESTIGATE Supreme Court

Krystal and Saagar break down the latest commentary on MSNBC where Nicolle Wallace calls for Robert Mueller to investigate the US Supreme Court

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  1. Since you're calling people out, for calls to action. What is Krystal's position on her co-host Kyle Kulinski's latest video calling for Joe Biden to jail Joe Manchin's family members if he doesn't support the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill? Source –
    Because Breaking Points might be inclined to overlook what people they are friendly with are doing, here is other commentary on this –

  2. Stop and think about this – the most moderate Republican Presidents were Trump and Nixon. Nixon brought in the EPA, ended Vietnam, de-escalate the Cold War and was looking at expanding government health care.

  3. MSNBC, have revealed themselves (like most of the main stream news media) to be about as partisan as you can get, as to Muller trusting him to investigating what? Great example of what a waste of time a lot of these people and their political ideologies are.

  4. It baffles me that this is still a subject of discussion in 2021. The dems have a majority in both houses. Pass a women’s right law!! Simple!! Then that becomes the law of the land!!! Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Rachel can't crack 100K and she's the best at MSNBC. Meanwhile, Breaking Points has passed 53 million views. Hmm … it's like people want honest, informed progressive commentary instead of canned neolib crap. Who'd a thunk it?

  6. Purely objective observation here: isn’t this decision the exact inverse of the original RvW SC situation? From the 5v4, to the majority national sentiment being against the ruling, to the total non-sequitur legal exposition from the majority ? It’s all the same stuff, but a different party just doesn’t like the outcome.

  7. Clickbait. This is not 'calling' for Mueller to investigate. More like an offhand comment meant as a bit of a joke is how I saw it. But sure, if this is what you want to amplify as 'independents' that's the reputation you will end up with.

  8. To be fair, although msnbc only gets around 100,000 live TV viewers, their YouTube channel gets many more views, and their clips are replayed on many other YouTube channels such as this one, like they just did for this segment.

  9. she says it all the time, that she was in the bush admin, she touts it, brags and says how much better bush was than trump, it's a while thing with her (in my defense, my sister watched it daily and stayed with me for a couple years, otherwise I'd have zero to do with MSNBC lol)

  10. Maybe that’s what they gave Hayes Maddow’s hair cut and glasses? No one really notices when he fills in or will notice if Maddow leaves and he moves up an hour.

  11. Did MSNBC watch Mueller's testimony on Russian Collusion investigation? How is his name brought up in conversation to "Investigate" anything? He wasn't all there two years ago.

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