MSNBC Host Roasts Biden on Inflation & Forgets He Said the Exact Opposite | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Joe Scarborough lying to his viewers. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and guest Steven Rattner resorted to praising Joe Manchin for preventing the build back better bill from passing which would have made inflation even worse. Scarborough of course doesn’t tell his viewers that a few months ago he was discussing what Democrats had to do to pass the legislation.


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. Thank you Dave, you are a gift of comedic relief when we have insane moron's running our country, and the media, and everything else! ALL of these people are ALWAYS WRONG about EVERYTHING! They are either completely oblivious or they are blatant serial liars.

  2. They are trying to set the groundwork for claiming "See we called the left out lagoon ago about what they were doing wrong !" As if we would forget them sucking on the Lefts tit to get Sniffy "Elected" !!

  3. The most successful 'Tabloid' TV networks and podcasters have one thing in common. They award D Trump God status. His words or actions are never questioned. It's called subordination for money and popularity.

  4. Joe Scarborough isn't happy that the left didn't get their way with a 6 trillion dollar spending spree that he supported at the time. What a two-faced piece of shit.

    It's simple. You put Joe Biden, Manchin, and the head of the progressive caucus and put 'em in a room. You don't come out until you've reached an agreement or you have a press conference. That is, unless Joe needs to change his depends.

  5. i know i should be looking at this garbage but i just cant anymore. i'm angry and i'm tired, i dread the news, even alternative news. 6 years of constant and absolute horseshit has finely worn me down.

  6. Strange that no-one is mentioning the $27 trillion dollars that went missing from the budget a couple of weeks before covid arrived. Or the £3 trillion dollars that went missing the day before 9/11.

  7. What I find interesting is that the main stream media is in cahoots with eachother. It's almost as if they meet in a basement somewhere and decide together, that they are going to start pushing a narrative. As soon as one program flips the script, the rest follows.

  8. Ok, what's going on with CNN? Did someone actually take over this BS news station? Is this the beginning where they now are being made to tell actual truth as to what is really going on in the world?

  9. The “Cloward-Piven” plan was named after two Columbia communist professors. Their plan was getting everyone in America on welfare- thereby overwhelming the system, exploding the national debt and collapsing the economy. That would end capitalism.

    Look around. It’s happening. Biden and Democrats are using open borders to fill our nation with millions of poverty-stricken illegal aliens with no skills or education- who will require cradle to grave welfare. As a bonus, this changes the entire demographics of America- with foreigners on welfare out-voting American citizens.

    Worst of all is hyper-inflation. All communist dictators want to steal the people’s money and make them slaves, dependent on government. But with massive hyper-inflation they don’t even need to raise taxes. Inflation is a horrific invisible tax.

    Soon the middle class will be starving and begging government to save them. That opens the door for government to pay for all your gas, home heating oil, groceries, rent and college tuition. Take it and you’re a slave for life. That’s the end of the middle class, the end of capitalism, and the end of America.

    Throw in the purposeful destruction of the energy industry, supply chain dysfunction, and vaccine mandates that cost middle class Americans their jobs, and have made many Americans too sick to fight back, and soon we’re guaranteed to see massive food shortages, mass starvation, food riots and a breakdown of society. In the middle of all this, they want to take our guns away.

    I repeat: We’re not going to make it to 2024.

  10. Joe and Mika have all the credibility as Joe Biden, the Democrats and the rest of the Democrat MSM propaganda Machine: 00.0%.
    The ongoing attempts at astroturfing and gaslighting are failing and failing miserably. What else have they got? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The up coming Red Tsunami 2022 will not just end this madness, it will also relegate the Democrat Party to the waste barrel of history.

  11. these things are all core failings of Progressive ideology.
    How the Right and Conservatives specifically aren't able to go to the 'Purple' demographic areas and even some Blue areas and preach against the failings is equally as baffling as the Press suddenly believing Manchin is a hero.

    You can not spend Public $$$ in mass and not put inflationary pressure onto an economy. While the left argues the failings of Trickle Down economic policy, it hasn't had to defend in seriousness, the failings of bottom up. When you put too many $$$ chasing too few goods, you get inflation. There isn't a bigger example recently than the spending on COVID relief to show just how productive and destructive such monetary policy is to the economy.

    I don't understand how the Right isn't making the greatest headway in history with this economy giving them the living examples of why the massive spending by the left in things like entitlement programs, unproductive research, and massive govt spending in over bloated Depts budgets.

    It should be a crime for the Conservatives to be this lazy in fighting for Conservatism. How politicians like McConnell, Blunt, Shelby, Thune, Markaski, Collins, Inhofe and Cornyn are allowed to call themselves Conservatives when they are just as quick to spend tax $$$ as half the Progressives. They should be challenged to show their understanding and capabilities to not just defend Conservatism, but to advance it and take this ever so obvious example to their most advantage then they are the corrupt dead weight within the Senate.

  12. MSNBC is laughable…no credibility as they get EVERYTHING wrong 🤬🤬. They WANTED the Biden/Kamala debacle and now we are all suffering…Maddow, Reid, Scarborough, Al Sharpton, and these fools do nothing but create hatred and anxiety…who listens to them…🤮🤮🤮

  13. When you listen to Scarborough, a guy who used to claim he was a republican, refer to Manchin as a liar, he has been influenced by some weird ideas and a weird girlfriend and a weird network. Weird hair too.

  14. At least they were honest a few months ago. universal pre-K isn't about education, it's a government daycare entitlement.
    Passing the 2021 stimulus during an expanding economy was like giving an adrenal shot to someone not having a heart problem. Build Back Better would have been a schedule of adrenaline shots.

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