MSNBC Kicked Out Of Rittenhouse Courtroom After Trying to Dox Jury


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  1. I for one am happy that Kyle is finally free from tyranny . A tyrannical government of democratic influence has decided to label him a white supremecist ? I’m sure that prior to this event happening in Kenosha , no one had a bad word to say of Kyle . This is no different than the day before sept. 11 when no one thought Muslims were a threat and wasn’t even a household name . Suddenly , people just become judge mental without knowing the facts or the person . I feel equally relieved for his mother who it had to have taken years off her life . Poor woman . We should be crying for her as well . It’s going to take young men like Kyle Rittenhouse and nick Sandmann to straighten out this country after tryrannucal news stations like MSNBC got its sadistic hands on this story and exploited it to cause needless hysteria and lies to be injected into the minds of many people and young people Kyle and nicks age . These two young men have suffered needlessly . No one ever thinks that what if it were their son , their brother , their family or their neighbor . No one ever thinks what if it were someone they know who were an inch of their life of being assesinated . They used to say money is the root of all evil . Well now the root , because of money , ratings and power has taken deeper root in the media . I hope these two young men will turn this world around . I hope that people everywhere will think for themselves before allowing the media to influence their judgement . I hope we have all learned more about the world around us . The evil must be stopped and life must go back to normal .

  2. Where is the FBI in this case? MSNBC should be investigated and the mention reporter brought up on felony charges of tampering and obstructing Justice this crap has got to stop MSNBC should be sued till their freaking clothes fall off and then thrown out of the broadcast business.

  3. BLM is a terrorists organization!!!!!!! They’re the biggest racists of all!!! They keep up their b.s. and they’re going down!!!! Nothing but punks, low life’s, anti American Marxist p.os. Media, MSNBC is another gaslighting, AntiAmerican org; biggest racists, Marxist news outlet, ever!! They need to be taken off the air, especially that Racist p.o.s. Reid!! Why are they (media) continuously allowed to promote this hate, race baiting, divisive, dangerous crap on T.V??? We need to demand this news outlet be taken off the air, NOW!,!,!,!,!!!!!!

  4. They are wrong saying he was trying to dox the jury. They already have the information of their home address. He wanted the address of the safe house so he could pass it on to the left wing blood thirsty BLM people so they could go there and intimidate them.

  5. They are exactly right, the only reason he is on trial is because he is white! If he was black, we would have never even heard about it. The D.A. would have let him back out on the street before the sun came up!!

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