MSNBC Producer Calls Mainstream Media CANCER, Rage-Quits Her Job With The Network

An MSNBC producer has left the network, and she cites many different reasons to quit working for these organizations, including some reasoning Tim has discussed about his experience with Vice News.

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  1. Why do kids from the Caribbean do so much better in educational institutions than American born kids?
    Could it be that they come from a background where they are actually taught academics and they are more morally grounded?
    I totally agree with a complete make over of the educational system from pre schools to universities.

  2. Thanks for reporting on this. I will be forwarding it to a few of my left leaning friends who swear by CNN, MSNBC, et al as the gospel truth while they deride FOX NEWS.

  3. Call of Duty did something very similar. They inserted a character named Yuri Bezmenov. He is actually, in real life, a former KGB agent who gave a discussion in the 80s on how USSR overthrew governments and the tactics they used. Much of what he talks about is happening today.

  4. I only Msnbc and CNN to see where the outrage is and laugh at their hypocrisy. I do hate that it probably increases their ratings by doing so as I know what they are trying to do

  5. Go to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and take Newswriting 205. Take the original course taught by that crusty old city editor. You’ll know you are in the right classroom because the course takes place at the end of the day with the sun you;g down when you are most tired. This is the course where you are given the facts and have two minutes to write a front page article. The article had to be written and typed into column format while being written on an old mechanical Corona typewriter. When those two minutes are done at the start of each class, the regular course goes forward. Next class, you have another two minute story and you get back the D- from your last typed story. This goes on for 16 weeks. Tell me you don’t exit that course knowing something. You’ll be a hard boiled reporter by God. It’s all where you go to school. State schools lose funding if people d4op the course. They teach to the leas5 common denominator and always have.

  6. I'm 73 years old and have been a news hound since my teens. My interests have been politics and culture for almost 60 years. I give timcast 4 stars and make time for the program whenever I can. Long live the Republic.

  7. Fake news is the source of so much of what is eating away at societal cohesion and the soul of those who produce it. Yet another leaves a broadcaster with a message of utter contempt for what they feeding the public and the harm it is doing.

  8. This is a Liberal Witch Hunt: , For anyone who can actually digest more than two sentences: So anyone who wants to dig into the whole post office debacle: step 1: look at wikipedia about the board, which is presidentially appointed and senate approved: law stipulates that no more than 5 members of the board may be from the same party, and the total board size SHOULD be 9. Currently has 2 democrats, 3 republicans. During the Obama admin, quorum of 5 was mostly unfilled, so Post office advancement was stalled. under "temporary management". Trump has got quorum back for the first time since 2014.

    Step 2: listen to the minutes of the May Postmasters meeting at in the link below: Some hilites: board selection of current Post Master General was Unanimous, both Democrats and Republicans voted for him. Committee of finance report: great drop in mail (letter) volume since start of covid, while package volume only slightly decreased . (note machines being retired are mail volume). and PO is bleeding money. "Steep drop in mail volumes offset by small increase in parcel volume". Need substantial funding to continue … revenue 17b on reduced volume mainly because of mass census mailings. GAP loss 4.5 billion 3 month reporting period. Listen to the board. this was a business decision like any other business decision that a business would make because of changing demographics of the mail business, and both republican and democrat governors voted for it. So a lot of the spin control in congress (which failed to fund in the first place) and the press does not match what the PO's internal decision making process was, which was business based. first class mail volume declined 600 million pieces for 6 month period ending May. and would have been a decline of 1 billion pieces without the census mail only 73 million decline in packages but revenue better because of increased parcel pricing. So what the pundits are saying is the PO should not have removed any sorting machines even though there was a 600 million drop in letter mailings. Board voted unanimously in support of this report and actions taking, both Democrats and Republicans.

  9. I am not alone, millions of people and groups are walking away from the left. Here is a few big names that have been liberals for a long time and WHY they left the left.

    Why Dave Rubin and many others are leaving the left.

    Rudy Giuliani: why I left the left, must watch.

    David Horowitz: leaving the left

    Liberal Joe Rogan clarifies "Trump over Biden: Stance"

    Glenn Beck : the lefts March to global fascism

    Elon Musk: Takes the red pill

    BLEXIT , exit left : history of democratic racist

    Jexodus, Jews leaving the left


    Former Obama activities run away from democrats

    Hispanics #walkaway

    Leaving the liberal media
    Exposed media bias
    And MSNBC Reporter rage quits

    Tim argues liberals that vote trump are still liberal just not democrats


  10. “We knew the ‘news’ providers like: ‘The National Enquirer’ who, fabricated ‘their own’ type of entertainment !!” …(Some people actually believed that ‘TRASH’ too.)

  11. Tim, you know the news has ALWAYS been a loss leader on tv. No one watches it anymore to speak of. In the 50s and 60s there was Ed Murrow, John Cameron Swayze, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley et al, .all seasoned journalists, some were veteran ww2 correspondents, and newsmen. That disappeared with their passing.

  12. She is jumping off a sinking ship‼️Why would She wait for 4 years! Media has lied and hidden the truth for years. The Obama years, Media had hidden and lied for him. Tim thank you.

  13. I no longer watch the news or read the newspapers because I am tired of fake or distorted news. I do glance briefly to find out if the world is still continuing.

  14. JOURNALISM/MEDIA/POLITICS/CINEMA/CELEBRITY GOSSIP never kept us out of a war or ended one. Folks, it's just pass the time entertainment, aka, bullshit. Too much of it is bad for you and NONE OF IT is important.

  15. In Mexico, they have a 2 tiered educational system… for they poor they learn basics and then choose a "Trade" they will be taught throughout their education… for the upper classes they are given a multi-level education and taught English as a "working global language" and their elementary and secondary schooling is paid for by the parents… then they are allowed to go to college for FREE…

  16. "It is the job of journalists to teach?" What do journalists know that can be taught? Do they have Ph.Ds in science, medicine, the arts, math, history, etc.? C'mon, man!

  17. not only do they separate the kids from the parents, they don't want the parents to know what they are teaching the kids. Years ago a teacher told my daughter she didn't have to do what I say…that I was not her boss. If I am responsible (to the point of going to jail if your children are truant) then I am in charge.