MSNBC Spreads Disinformation – “The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation” Documentary Trailer

“The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation”: Nicolle Wallace. Nobody Spreads it More Relentlessly.

Commissioned by Glenn Greenwald

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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. There's a lot of people like Wallace that's cut from the same cloth as her. NO moral compass. NO honor or integrity. NO ethics.
    She will do and say whatever They want to get the big bucks and fame.
    No different than the Epstein's or the 5 dollar crack whores out here. Whether it's trafficking children or flat backing it, dressing up as any character that the John has paid her for, Wallace is willing to do.
    Only thing is that what Wallace is doing for the Govt and Intel Agencies is destroying the American people. And our democratic republic.
    She only cares about her bank account and her own celebrity.
    She and the other MSM "hosts" belong in Gitmo. As far as I see it she is a domestic terrorist. She's the Intel asset that They use and set up in other countries to DESTABILIZE the population, dividing them, creating the chaos They need to overthrow that nation. That's hers and the other "Hosts" function ever since Obama repealed the SMITH-MUNDT ACT of 1948 in 2012. To repeat and run the Psyops, Propaganda, Covert Disinformation Campaigns and Lies that comes down from the Govt and Corporate Cartels.

  2. Here in the U S we have lousy news. The worst example, BY FAR, is FOX. Most of them dupe us by what they don't report; growing, severe wealth inequality, climate change, and little on how things might b fixed (such as gun violence). Let alone they normalize mass shootings by showing the drama and detail that gets viewers without talking about how other countries regulate guns. Try reading The New Yorker. Real journalism. And to all those who may claim The New Yorker is biased or inaccurate; Show me your examples or don't bother.

  3. You really need to not listen to the January 6th testimony from Bill Barr, Ivanka, Gen. Milley, Jared Kushner, etc. They all said that the election fraud narrative was a lie. And so did Cyber Ninjas, and 60 lawsuits. Please, please, please people, don't believe your lying eyes.

  4. Sucks Orf has such a hard time monetizing. These videos are such a great way to expose people to the misinformation prevalent in corporate media.

  5. More than ever … it is important to watch FOX news where the truth and only the truth never airs. It is also more important now than ever before to send your funds to Donald Trump. He has important uses for your donations.

  6. This upload conflates MISINFORMATION with DISINFORMATION. Several of these examples are of very new stories that get reported … and amended, cleaned up and more fully examined in the hours and days ahead. If you could get Sean Hannity to stop lying to the public while he is telling the truth on the phone to that Trumpalump …… That would combat deliberate DISINFORMATION. Why does everyone at FOX have an up to date VAX record and a full understanding of Trumpathor's illegal acts? I know.. I know. They have a job to do. SEND MONEY. GIVE GENEROUSLY. DONNIE NEEDS CASH ALWAYS

  7. Covid 19 came from that Wuhan lab. Trump got rid of the ban Obama put on gain of function research and Fauci took our tax dollars to fund that research. Scientists are saying covid 19 was made in a lab and was not passed through contact with bats. The only reason this isn't in mainstream media because they don't want it to be. Plus the Chinese government covered their part up and in turn helping Fauci. Fauci knew where it came from thats why he kept saying it wasn't from a lab. Trump knew the truth and thats why he kept calling it the Chinese flu or Wuhan flu.

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