MSNBC Took Direct Orders From The Clintons & Corporate Democrats

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  1. The whole access line is such Bullshite. The candidates will Always need the media more than the media needs them. Same with the Royals. Access is just an easy to grab justification for being spineless.

  2. We got our ass handed to us by the corporate dems and corporate media. I still can’t figure out why they crowned Biden. We lost and like it or not, Bernie surrendered before the fight was even over. Another mystery to me. I sent him my grocery money. Shit.

  3. While I find the story extremely likely to have occurred, hearsay is not proof, especially when the speaker of said hearsay is technically a competitor of the organization that they are decrying.
    Just saying, critical thinking is necessary for everything, not just the things we dislike.

  4. the elite class is the new European royalty…

    the only way to stop it is to have a revolution, and the only way to have a revolution is for he voters to vote for it

    its not likely to happen, but the worst it gets for everyone else, the more the common people will get closer to jumping on board

  5. You supported Bernie? Lol.
    You always support a weak, bend over to the establishment, can’t challenge anyone high up in the establishment, fraud? Lollollol.

  6. Here is what is so dumb about this. Hillary would have needed all the coverage she could get, so MSNBC had the leverage. They could have just said, "Fine. We'll just be sure to interview your opponent every chance we get."

  7. 3 generations vs 1. We keep growing. I only hope our numbers grow fast enough to rub their faces in shit before they go, a pathetic, discredited, corrupt, hypocritical generation. Who I once idolized.

  8. I'm 68 and all my friends like MSNBC and trust them. 🙁 Big sigh… Well, I love your show, thanks a million 🙂 there are a few of us old folks grateful for y'all.

  9. It's been a while, so maybe my memory is off, but I'm pretty sure Chomsky and Edward Herman accounted for the exceptions where direct control needs to be asserted, as in Cenk and Krystal. I believe they said most of the time there is no need for direct orders to shut reporters up, but the examples where there is helps them control everyone else for fear of also getting disciplined or fired.

  10. Old news, but thanks for catching a lot of people up on 2016. Also, do you plan to do anything related to Assange soon? He's got an extradition trial in September and he's dying in Belmarsh. Take your time. It's only free speech & press freedoms & our government persecuting publishers over exposing war crimes. ?

  11. There was also the pro-Bernie rally that was practically in CNN's parking lot, which CNN refused to cover!
    (Or technically, they covered it for about one minute, then moved on!)

  12. MSDNC.
    MSNBC’s corporate media personalities are scripted by rich executives who are so rich that they are completely out of touch with Americans still struggling to claw their way back into the middle class after the 2008 worldwide economic collapse caused by deregulation of banks. They make too much money to connect with their audiences who see them as pampered by personal make-up artists and wardrobe consultants. They, like the executives who write their scripts, are out of touch with American working people. — Elick Jones
    MSNBC pundits are out-of-touch with American voters. The stages of MSNBC’s Bernie grief.
    Chris Matthews’ Fan Reviews.
    In the face of roaring Bernie Sanders surge, MSNBC Exposed For Bernie Sanders Blackout Bias, Oct 24, 2019
    MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Is Getting Truly Ridiculous.
    MSNBC Yet Again Broadcasts Blatant Lies, This Time About Bernie Sanders’s Opening Speech, and Refuses to Correct Them. Glenn Greenwald,
    MSNBC millionaire news commentators are out-of-touch with working people struggling to make it. MSNBC never wanted Ed Schultz's working class audience.
    Bernie Sanders’ team slams MSNBC for bias.
    Denouncing Misleading Attacks and Lack of 'Fact-Based Analysis,' Sanders Campaign Fires Back at MSNBC. "More often than not these commentators are injecting their opinion without any policy discussions," said Nina Turner, national co-chair of the Sanders campaign.
    Tensions Between Bernie Sanders and MSNBC Boil Over.
    Why does MSNBC play into the hands of Fox by letting Fox drive the news cycle? Fox "claims to be a news organization but it's essentially a Republican front group. The network was founded by GOP political operative Roger Ailes. … Ailes spent his career advising Republican presidents like Reagan, Bush Sr., and surprise, surprise, Nixon. A memo from the Nixon Library detailed Ailes' dream of launching a Republican news network. …[When] Ailes eventually founded Fox News … he turned partisan hackery into an art form." — Carlos Maza, Vox, May 24, 2019,

  13. Multiple Dem Outlets are straight up told not to criticize Hillary or the DNC, one Conservative one does criticize Trump. Sorry, but there are not the same.

  14. This is exactly why they got rid of Jedidiah Bila on "The View"; because when HRC was a guest on the show, she had the audacity to ask her tough questions.