MSNBC Wants You To Shut Up & Get In Line For Biden

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  1. Those people are why America voted for Trump instead of the DNC pick. They are repeating the mistakes of the past as if the horrors of the present were non-existent. BECAUSE TO THEM "those privileged ass hats" NOTHING DID HAPPEN. Their world kept trucking along JUST FINE. So they have NO FEAR of continuing the HELL that gave us Trump. Maybe next time we will get a fascist candidate that is SMARTER THAN TRUMP, MORE ABLE, MORE CONNECTED. That could kill us all. . . ANd the Neo-Libs will just pretend they had NO HAND IN THAT. Like they always do…

  2. Kyle should have responded with "say no more" seeing as he is already 'in line for Biden'. hahah. Keep in mind that his threat to vote 3rd party was always an empty threat anyway. In a non-swing state like New York, your protest vote doesn't matter in the slightest. That's why I laugh at this lame. Like my boy said, Grow up.

  3. I’d like to see Vaush embarrass Kyle in a debate before the election. Kyles Jimmy Dore impression is beyond old. I don’t even like Biden but he will appoint a justice or two that sets up the next person in 2024. No Kyle you help create more 3rd party voters

  4. I mean if you're really that narcissistic that you need to be wooed to vote against Trump you were probably never gonna vote against him in the first place. Its not a great strategy I don't think, but this approach of 'this will only create more 3rd party voters' is pretty ridiculous. The ones turned off by this were gonna go vote 3rd party anyway.

  5. 3rd party or bust. Once Trump burns the world to the ground I will make a compilation of the idiots that ensured you only got a choice between a turd and a pile of shit. Everything that involves voting involves corruption in the U.S. A vote for a bad candidate means you condone that bad candidate – not the other way around.
    PS: Kyle; 'you' are not in charge, despite having the more popular agenda – that's the defining lesson of this moment. The American people have lost control of their own government long ago (if they ever had it), now you are witnessing the curtains coming down – time is up. Bend the knee or form an immovable object. Neither will be pretty.

  6. Calling Trump an "existential threat" falls under what Christopher Hitchens would call intellectual laziness. Trump is neither smart nor capable enough to be an existential threat. If anything, I like Trump, because he's OBVIOUS in how bad he is. He's a wolf in wolf's clothing. That's why he's better than most politicians.

  7. He gets to be so disrespectful because the left leadership are spineless. They'll now turn around and pressure their followers to shut up and get in line.

    Your enemy will only respect you if you respect you

  8. They constantly fear "facism" because they don't understant how neoliberalism is already very authoritarian and opressive, but that's not the case for them, so to keep the status quo they have to create a threat so that the left can fall in line.

  9. Here is me, never shutting up, refusing to get in line. Once they concede to my demands, I move further left. Here is my check for any candidate running against a normal democrat who doesn't take pack money. I will primary every one of your candidates, until you can't afford to run against republicans.

  10. I'm a never Biden guy. Why? Because both sides seem to try to woo the never trumpets and they are on tv constantly as the unicorns they apparently are.

  11. Ofcourse it’s wrong to shame vote but it doesn’t change the fact that if you don’t vote for Biden you are essentially helping re-elect trump.

  12. I'm on the fence here. I do think that if Biden really wants the leftist vote he'd should absolutely give us some kind of policy concession. On the other hand, we cannot let tRump pack the courts anymore than he already has. Ginsburg is on her last legs. She won't last 4 more years.

  13. Biden could change, he says he has, but it hasn't been on the Real Things, and I don't expect him to, He also has some Real Ugly history that he has to apologize for, He could do that, but I don't expect him to – and if he won't do either of those things – he's not getting my vote.

  14. Funny thing…………Biden's speech today in Pa. was taken right out of Trump's playbook for America. He didn't mean a word of it because he is LYING thru his teeth while on the other hand, Trump is DOING all of those things that Biden says he will do. Joe Biden has had 40 FUCKING YEARS to do the things he says he will do now and he was LYING THEN……………………AND HE IS LYING NOW! I find it uncanny that Biden talked about doing EVERYTHING that Trump is already doing. THAT MAN is a disgusting piece of shit.

  15. There is actually more to gain for the left if Biden loses this election. If he wins, the neolibs will say, this is why we don't run a lefty to beat a republican.

  16. No, I'm not selling out for legalisation of marijuana. My state has decided, already, that it is legal for adults. Like Kyle used to, I am only going to settle for universal single-payer MedicareForAll healthcare starting with this pandemic and in preparation for the pandemics to come– as should have been done 60 years ago when JFK wanted it badly enough to risk saying so.