MSNBC Warns “IT’S OVER” For The Democrats!! Total COLLAPSE Of The Democrat Party!


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  1. Funny enough, the Hispanic community is insanely anti gay. Yet they’re just fine letting them come illegally through the border. Which by the way those born and raised south of the border are probably the MOST anti gay.

  2. Watching Joe splain to the Rev how the policies of the democrats are not working like its a profound moment of clarity, but they knew it all along the American people just called them out and have exposed their destructive anti American plans.

  3. Again at 05:31 Duh!!! Ms. Captain Obvious DUH!!!! Also both MSNB Heee Haww and CNN, CBS,NBC,ABC news have committed credibility and ratings suicide for being the propaganda wing of the Woke Socialist Authoritarian Demonrat party and members of the press with a working brain 🧠 in full reverse away from the Socialist Authoritarian Demonrats at wrap 9.

  4. Except for the states where they have implemented their voter fraud schemes permanently like CA, HI, Oregon etc… the dems are totally in trouble.
    Also I find it funny the ELITIST Al Sharpton talking to elitists like HE isn’t one of them.

  5. As an Asian person, we refugee to the America from communist country. Not a single moment I want to live in socialist or communist government. We work hard for better life. We don't play the victimhood. MSNBC was the one want to defend the police. Just look at California, the city can't even get their mails delivery. They are not far becoming Califorcommunist

  6. This narrator fails to mention that in these polls, dems are ALWAYS over polled by about 20%. So, the last chart should have been shown that biden/harris approval is really about 25-28% approval. But the dems will never admit that.

  7. Yes! Curiously, lashed to their insane ideologies, the Dems are, sheeplike, leading America right over the cliff into insolvency — in the same way they essentially destroyed California. The American people have to choose between ideology-driven annihilation and pragmatic reality.

  8. The media and democrats are rats jumping from a socialist ship. They’ve for YEARS now supported and pushed socialist policies, socialist vernacular & Social Justice. Now that it’s finally blowing up in their face are they trying to do a 180. They have no morals or values and they go where the political winds take them. They deserve what they get.

  9. Crime is Not a normal or sustainable element in society but Democrats like to dismiss it all the while taking your 2nd ammendment rights away. FJB❤️🇺🇲

  10. Just perhaps this is the reason the right has not been as vehemently opposed to the things being done in DC these days under a leftist administration.. Why buy rope if the left is going to hang themselves.

  11. Al is one to talk about not being in touch with the black people when that rat has been siding with the left for decades. It is people like that slime, along with others in the black caucus, that have brought minority neighborhoods into the ground by constantly rubber stamping every single stupid decision the left has made. And what's more, they even have the audacity to blame the Republicans for the mistakes and intentional neglect of the left. For shame.

  12. You Fucking Crack Me Up
    An infection inside the host You either studied med or entomology. You definition is a perfect analogy and Karma they infect the world then they in turn are infected like a successful movie script. Oooops this is a Permanent Historical Documentary

  13. I just can't help but get the feeling that Republicans aren't going to do anything with this & just coast along as they are now hoping everything stays the same & it all works out on election day instead of actually selling their solutions to voters.

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