MSNBC’s (Massively) Lowered January 6th Trump Probe Expectations

“Well we don’t really need evidence and all that stuff”:

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  1. I saw a WaPo article about a canadian judge that said "Someone yelling 'I hate white people and then punching a white person is not a hate crime'".

    I'm guessing if I fronted court with that judge and I said I hate black people and then punched a black person I would be in jail for a hate crime.

  2. The only thing Trump did wrong on Jan/6 and he should have known, was not to warn the crowd that there was professional agitators placed by Pelosi in the crowd ,this was an obvious set up .

  3. The timing of the "January 6th Resurrection", was just as debate began on certifying questionable votes. Once the "insurrection" ended, Nancy Pelosi ended any further debates on those contested votes. So who benefited from this "Insurrection"? Nancy Pelosi, and the legacy media. Because of an "insurrection" that included members of BLM and Antifa, Trump and his supporters could then all be blamed for an incident where the only person who died, was a Trump supporter. This has also given Nancy Pelosi the ability to continue her fishing expedition, in her search to find anything she can use against Trump.

  4. The real reason the media and libs are charging these people is the hidden reason. To terrify Americans so they won't even consider attending any protests in the future. Therex always a deeper reason.

  5. Trump did nothing wrong, but Hillary Clintin did. Commited out right Federal crimes by having private servers. and destroying evidence (with FBI approval) also illegal.

  6. The only purpose of the January 6th probe is to go after Trump supporters. They have to spend a fortune on legal fees. The process is the punishment

  7. Damn it — this has happened before. I have three cats, and they are very confused trying to figure out where that meowing is coming from. And at first I thought it was my cats doing it, and I kept trying to figure out what was wrong, and which one was whining. 🥴

  8. Gonna have to disagree with you on one thing:
    There was an insurrection on 1/6. Only it wasn't by President Trump.
    The Democrats and RINO's staged a coup d'etat, starting on 11/3 and culminating on 1/20, when their puppet was installed. The problem that they're having is that all of the planning went into stealing the e L e c t i o n, not what to do afterwards. They thought that the MAGA movement would shut up and go away after a few months. Wrong. It's gotten stronger.

  9. Archive or not you are quoting a man not just from MSNBC, he also identifies himself as "He was previously at BuzzFeed News and holds a degree in international relations from MacGuffin State University."

  10. I was so look scared January 6 was the worst day in America we came Apollo close to racist take over by racists taking over the system forever! AOC couldn't even trust a cop to save her life that day!

  11. If he wasn't going to sue before he definitely should know considering all the pinkoo commies and lefty socialists cried and threw a fit until he was kicked out of college so he should sue the ever loving hell out of them

  12. 5:41 These people cannot identify, “source or route cause” to save their lives. And it’s not a function of a lack of pursuing objective truth, it is that they are engaging in and “agenda”. I have come to find that many of my friends have mental deficits that prevent them from pursuing objective truth. They listen to MSDNC as gospel.

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