MSNBC’s Non-Stop Lying About Julian Assange

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. What did "Jesus" say about Judging other people, or about "Stone Throwing"? YEAH!!!! Now who's for getting our own house in order? Americans, be a good Patriot and DEFEND your Country's "Good Name" against these people who gain by TRASHING IT!

  2. Julian Assange never ever attempted to hack into any computers.
    He didn't have to.
    There were (and are) plenty of insiders inside corrupt organizations (The Pentagon, The DNC etc) who took advantage of Wikileak's safe depository of documents. They came out of the woodworks. Wikileaks didn't publish many of them and many were archived and you had to dig through them.
    But this frightened the elites. Because Assange's journalism wasn't his opinions on things, it was the release of internal documents; which spoke for themselves.

  3. How anyone can support racist,lying Democrats that are guilty of EVERYTHING they accuse Trump and the right of everything,wake up ffs like Glen has

  4. Why shouldn't we defend Alex Jones He says some crazy shit sometimes but most of the shit he says at least eighty-five to ninety percent of it is correct. Not only that but Tucker Carlson is defending him and a lot of the things they both talk about are the same argument the same things you guys are talking about right now.

  5. If Scarborough is so concerned about assets being placed in danger, then he should be mad as hell at Hillary F*cking Clinton for keeping information on an unsecured server in the first damned place!!!!

  6. Honestly why are you guys always throwing shade at Alex Jones? There's been something that he's doing wrong or he's went on ramps and said some stupid shit but according to mainstream media and people who believe what they see on CNN and other places which is basically half the country believes that most of the things you have been talking about as of the last couple of months are conspiracy and probably think of you just like Alex Jones.

  7. Never really listen to Jimmy Dore show up until maybe a few weeks ago. He definitely puts off Vibes like he's a leftist Democrat type. At least he's honest though. Truth is the only people who have been covering it and covering these types of stories and being honest or conservatives and I just happened to run into Jimmy shows because he's talking about some of the same things

  8. Can anybody explain to me what the big difference are between Medicaid and Medicare for all? Isn't medicare-for-all basically just the whole entire population on Medicare instead of some having private insurance? Wouldn't that be the same as everybody being put on Medicaid instead of people having private insurance?

  9. The NYT headline intentionally hides the 2010 origin of Assange's exposé and his 2012 asylum in Ecuador and Manning's 2013 arrest during the 'Obama Era' , and instead framed its headline so as to imply that it's a "Trump Era policy" that is being 'pursued' by Biden, this ruse serves also to obscure that the exposé revealed secret 'Obama Era policies' .

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