MTG, Ilhan Omar SPEAK OUT For Julian Assange | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the new developments in the Julian Assange case that saw Reps. MTG and Ilhan Omar come to his defense from the right and left

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  1. The Deep State is out of Control. I am not sure Trump ordered Assange's Prosecution to move forward as much as he moved out of the way. As we see with Biden, the role of the President and the Power, is waning. Back stage actors are running the show.

  2. You guys have not explained how attacking Assange is same as attacking journalism. How is govt claiming it is different?
    Should obtaining and making public illegally obtained information be allowed?
    Is definition of journalism the issue?
    Do you support making public all private or protected info in the name of journalism?
    Or only private info is protected? Why and How.
    Im all for freedom of press but this difference has to be explained to get broader support and gain capital to free these men.

  3. Here's the problem… Assange was golden until he started releasing info on Obama and the Dems.
    THAT'S why Biden wants him prosecuted, AND that's why the MSM won't defend Assange.
    It's disgusting, but the MSM is fiercely loyal to the Dem Party; and they could care less about the first amendment.

  4. When you're being strip-searched when you've effectively been in jail for months, it's clear it's just a method of intimidation, harassment, and cruelty.
    You're clearly on the wrong side of history if disparate sides of the political spectrum like Ilhan Omar and Marjory Taylor Greene can agree this is wrong, but you can't.

  5. Bush: no jail
    Cheney: no jail
    Pelosi: no jail
    Hillary: no jail
    Hunter biden: no jail
    Bill cosby: no jail
    All of Wallstreet for 2008: no jail (but big bonus instead)

    Julian Assange and Edward Snowden: JAIL!!!


  6. Repubs and dems.on same page on this one. None are going to allow this kind of exposure as too many involved in too many war crimes. Sad all in vain, nobody was or will be held accountable. Strength to Assange his family and his team.

  7. MTG is so stupid. She denounces the prosecution of Assange because it's the Biden admin doing it. But it was started by her homeboy Trump. She wouldn't be uttering a word in defense of Assange if Trump was still in office.

  8. If you are exposing the scandals of another country, you are a hero. If you are exposing the scandals of the USA, you are a traitor or a criminal (respectively Snowden and Assange). This is the hypocrisy of the West. This is the cruelest interpretation of the Freedom of Speech!

  9. Thanks for following this story. It is absolutely stunning how the American media is ignoring this story. As Assange goes, the rest of American journalism will go. Let's hope Australia steps up and rescues their citizen. Krystal, as for the "future of democracy" in this country. That evaporated long ago. Free Assange.

  10. Same old lip service and political theater.
    Omar and the frauds love empty gestures while voting how Pelosi tells them. The shameless corruption of our entire government stinks to high heaven.

  11. If the U.S does get to lock him up then they are no better than the authoritarian regimes they claim to be better than. Journalists might as well quit their jobs and run

  12. Keep in mind Epstein has cameras on him 24/7. If they bring Julian back I guarantee the same will happen to him. So I guess this is goodbye Julian. And the US complains about Saudi Arabia. Disgusting

  13. This is a perfect example of one of the things that so frustrates me about the Democratic party. They don't want to be the monsters, but they want to do monstrous things, so they let the Republicans actually do the monstrous thing that they would not do originally, ( in this case, start the prosecution of Assange, ) then get into office and don't undo the monstrous thing. You can go down the list: Bush cuts to capital gains taxes, Trump tax cuts, GOP overall budget cutting for most social spending, etc. Their donors are the same, they just play a different side of the con for the voters.

  14. I just wish everyone was more anti war 24/7. If illhan, the squad, trump, or tucker are legitimately ain't war at any I will flip. Not doing needless wars is a single issue vote for me and I encourage all sides to steal my vote!

  15. Sweden did US dirty work also, things the Libs wont mention. Made up allegations which drove him into the embassy effectively imprisoning him, then dropped charges while US filed extradition docs.

  16. The US is not trying to attack journalistic rights, they are trying to kill Assange, keep him in horrible conditions, stress him, make life hell. If he is ever extradited I think he will be in a horrible US prison with a long trial date. It is absolutely horrible what the UK has done.

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