Mueller Team Under Fire For PURGING 15 Cellphones, Tons Of Evidence DESTROYED

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  1. I think it's important to inform people that some phones do have the option to wipe themselves if a password is entered incorrectly too many times. Still seems BS but it does exist.

  2. It's called "spoliation of evidence." If you destroy documentary evidence, the courts are required to assume the contents of the "missing" documents are whatever the other side says.

  3. lol @ "…Under Fire" it is frustrating as hell watching the right do nothing and talk a good game.i layer kid after 4 years of plotting against their own country and one lawyer is busted? whats going to happen to him? a demotion @ work? lol How did peter stroke walk away from all of this? Nothing is going to happen and the left laughs because they know it. Why else would they be so blatant about it? I mean the phone erasures excuses is just the latest laugh they are having at the right. None of these snakes will be held accountable.

  4. if one or two people used the auto-wipe from entering the PW wrong too many times (usually 15-sequential, but you need to enable it deliberately), fair enough… the others will still tell the story…
    But deliberate factory resets, and complete wipes from EVERYONE is some serious bullshit!
    Even if they were innocent, that's some extremely blatant destruction of evidence

  5. To be fair, if they have a device admin installed on their phone it can be configured to wipe the phone after so many wrong PIN attempts. Also I'm not forensics expert, but I don't think there is a reliable way to recover data off a wiped phone.

  6. So every single owner of a wiped phone just plead no contest guilty to any charges the govt. Feels like putting on them, thanks to wiping their phones.

    Gitmo every single farken one of them. Same as killary. Wiping those servers is a direct admission of guilt. Wiping the phones is felony evidence tampering anyhoo, so lock them all up on that alone.

  7. Politifact: Did the FBI wipe their phones to delete criminal evidence?

    FALSE: There is no proof anyone in the FBI used cloth to wipe their phone screen as their screens were smudgy when they were found.

  8. Ya remote wipe is a feature needed for many email security provisions. If they then mark they no longer need the phone it is remotely wiped so it can be stolen or sold and someone accidentally get the emails. This is standard shit.