Mulan Disaster! Disney LOSES Over 250 Million Dollars On FLOP

You just HATE to see it. Between flopping at the theatres and underperforming on Disney + Mulan will lose disney more than 200 Million dollars

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  1. Nice going Disney, you had to go and pull the final straw. You make another live remake no one likes anymore and you change a good 2D movie into a live movie that may put Disney right out of business. And worse, you have broken the spirit of Walt Disney's heart.

  2. It's weird that china didnt enjoy a mary sue story, considering the majority of the reason disney keeps doing these types of characters is because they are supposed to be popular in china.

  3. …they also changed her character. In the OG she was as awesome as she was because of her hard work, grit, and determination. In this one they “Mary Sue”’ed her and she was better then everyone else just because of her being the heroine. …oh wait, you got to that part as I was writing. Posting anyways.

  4. Similar to Black Panthers that attracts Black communities, Mulan supposedly attracts the Chinese community, both in China and those oversea. But Disney anger pretty much all different sides of the different Chinese community in politics, bending their knee to China to please that population, who doesn’t pay for movies outside of theaters, which angers the Chinese oversea, those who’s willing to pay for movies at home, especially to pay for those who they support, boycott the movie. Disney deserved the failure. They try to pleased the Chinese community, but they don’t know that there are at least three Chinese groups, and in term of buying power, they are almost equally split. Mainland Chinese are the most unreliable ones in term of being friend with you when you pleases them, but hate you forever if you did one tiny thing that angers them. Good luck that Disney put all their egg on that basket. If they want to put eggs on that basket, make sure they don’t make the mainland Chinese unhappy at least one year prior, across all their platforms, and fire employees immediately if the employees say one bad thing about China, that’s they only way to attract them, not just siding with them in one incident.

  5. I am not going to be surprised that the critic score for this would be way over than what it deserves. Ever since Capt Marvel, critic scores are a bust. But Mulan was expected to flunk since its staff consist more of white privileged folks trying to pass on a narrative and revolve more on that than taking what went well for the animated version. Still ranting is no use because they're targeting the next generation and normalizing it for them, they're still going to keep this up no matter how many articles or youtube videos rant about it. They've got the power and privilege, which is weird if you think about it because they're the same people who think they're oppressed.

  6. I miss Disney 90's era
    Cause I should considered it's their renaissance era of their masterpiece
    without being too forced or unnatural or even way too profit oriented

    While I watching Mulan,
    I honestly feel baffled and strange with the commoners costume,
    It's way too fancy for commoner costume especially in feudal China setting,
    Where lavish and opulent wearing are something that reserved for imperial and aristocracy alike

  7. Go woke go broke no sympathy its everywhere from ghostbusters, star wars, the terminator people are not interested if it feels forced and the message means more then the script,.

  8. I would hate to be in the room where Mickey mouse is losing his mind saying why aren't they making money all I can say is I want $1,000 subscribers I hope you reach 1 million subscribers at the end of the day Disney deserves what they're getting it's time for them to fire and lay off a lot of people they had people with better ideas in the 80s and 90s than they do in 2020 they're the reasons Disney is going to go broke by the end of next year

  9. Disney losing 250 million is like you losing 2.50$. Or like when Bill gats drops 10 million, to put that into context 10 million to Gates is like you spending 10 cents/ a dime.

  10. Disney ? You mean the human trafficking , pedophilic demons ? That disney? Yeah, I've been saying this for 40 years…bout time..I'm lovin 2020!!!! The year of TRANSPARENCY!!!!

  11. I thought this thing made like $270 million on PVoD in North America alone with Disney keeping 100%. How can it be a failure? ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  12. The only reason why I watched Mulan when I was a kid was because Eddie Murphy was the dragon and he was funny as shit and when I heard they got rid of the dragon and they made it stupid serious I didn’t wanna watch it

  13. "i've felt that i could watch Shaolin Soccer"
    Bruh, Shaolin Soccer is way better, it had humor, hard work, worthy adversaries, and…… wait for it… SINGING!
    in fact go watch Shaolin Soccer instead

  14. My biggest qualm with Mulan was actually that…it was misleading. It was NOT the Mulan people grew up with and unlike pretty much every other live remake, it did NOT stick to the original theme, script, songs, ect. That said, if disney had made it an independent project (with a character with a different name) it might have done better. It echoes the theme of many karate/kung fu/warrior films. Another fact is, they marketed this as "family friendly" to me the age demographic should have been young adults and up, and advertised that way. I wouldn't let my child watch this film. I wouldn't call it a flop, but as a Mulan title? yeah, definitely didn't live up to expectations at all.

  15. "China doesn't like superhumans" – no, no they really do. There's an entire popular genre of exactly that, they don't like when their mythicalhistorical figures are made a mockery off(i.e; Mulan made into a mary sue), however I don't think anyone likes that. It'd be like a movie about Abraham Lincon, except Abraham Lincon has super human reflexes and takes on the entire civil war by himself.

  16. I believe everybody hate The last action Mulan because it's not similar to the animated movie if you never saw the animated movie you would like to live action because you will see it as just a regular kung fu movie The last action Mulan movie is similar to jet Li's hero

  17. Only $250m? I am shocked and horrified! Oh wait, those are what Disney actually admits to losing. Woot! This gum stuck to our shoes lost a cool $1b! Hoo-rah!

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