Multiple Food Plants Erupt in Flames

Chris discusses the recent run of food plant explosions as well as the continued othering in society.

Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. Don't miss the mask comment at the end.
    I was watching a doctor on UToob today, and he pointed out POTATOES have mostly glucose with little or no fructose. The major info behind that is that virtually every cell in our body uses glucose and none can use fructose, so fructose is stored as fat while glucose is used as food.
    Growing them is a critical skill, and it historically has saved populations from starvation in hard times. I am planting containers this weekend. It will be my first experiment with container growing.
    The many uses of vinegar are amazing. Pickling, fermenting, adjusting stomach acidity, surface cleaning, taking rust off tools, neutralizing dog pee smell in the back yard, and many more.
    Major types are consumable/food grade, medicinal/antiseptic, and fuel. The consumable (booze) grade is a great barter item, and for medicinal antiseptic and surface/instrument sterilization use at higher concentrations. LEARN TO MAKE GOOD QUALITY ALCOHOL. I also use denatured alcohol, which is poisonous if consumed, for fuel in an alcohol burner. This is great for cooking and to a lesser degree for localized heating. ONLY use methyl alcohol (methylated spirits) in very well ventilated areas, but I generally skip this entirely due to toxic fumes.
    Iodine is a major item for topical antiseptic, thyroid-breast-prostate support, and water purification. It just depends on the mixture and strength. Extracting, purifying, and concentrating iodine is a bit more of a challenge.
    The NIOSH N-95 is the CDC's gold standard. It guarantees blocking 95% of all particulates larger than 0.300 micrometers. The electron microscope photos I saw of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 (Corona) virus which allegedly causes COVID-19 showed it to be 0.046 micrometers. A reasonably good analogy would be building a chain link fence to keep out house flies. Cloth masks are FAR worse.
    The only system I have found that DOES block viruses is the US-NATO gas mask with standard CBRN (chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear) filters. Those state right on the legend for the protection codes, and sometimes on the filter canister itself, that it blocks viruses. If you have a beard or even a heavy "five o'clock shadow", this will break the mask-skin bond and render the N-95 or even the military mask ineffective, since unfiltered air can be drawn around the mask and into the lungs.
    The only resort for bearded individuals that do not want to shave (such as myself) is a PAPR (pressurized air purifying respirator) system. This involves a battery powered blower that pulls air through a CBRN filter canister (often multiple canisters) and sends it to the mask via a reinforced hose that screws into an input port where a filter canister would normally be. The positive air pressure inside the mask means that any break in the mask-to-face bond will simply blow out, keeping contaminated air from entering when the wearer inhales. It also covers the eyes, which reportedly are an entry point for the SARS-CoV-2 virus particles. However, you are going to get strange looks from people while you are shopping anywhere except Walmart.

  2. History repeating itself. Look at the Bolshevik / Russia revolution, the commies starved many millions of Russian people. All together they may have killed up to 80 million. This time they are going for 6 or 7 BILLION.

  3. I share your joy at the early demise of CNN+ — they were a joke from the outset, and a lot of alt-media folks have been cheering the process along the whole way. 😉

    BTW, a note on the Disney thing in Florida… It's not as cut-and-dried as it first seems. By removing Disney's self-governing status, the state automatically takes on the responsibility for all of the streets and sewers and other "public" goods and services currently being provided by the company. They may end up reconsidering that bill.

  4. Fires conveniently happening in businesses going bankrupt is a long established tradition.

    In many countries, insurance companies are not allowed to refuse to provide fire insurance.

  5. Chris your new microphone setup is picking up some perceptible noise, probably at the level of the preamp. Check your power source for your preamp/phantom power. Best to use either batteries (the cleanest power signal) or an appropriate AC source if you have the option of feeding it with AC. lower budget preamps which use cheap DC sources or your default Mic port of PC's can sometimes provide very high noise.

    The noise is perceptible enough to make it noticeable and to detract from your otherwise quality content.

  6. Go ahead and say it…we are at war. The elites' plan to starve Americans is an act of war. Hang those responsible. Anything goes in a war. Soros comes to mind.

  7. 14:06 Bill Gates has been funding Gain of Research on Avian Influenza to make it more transmissible to humans. Lead researcher is Kawaoka at University of Wisconsin – Madison. They're not even trying to hide their actions.

  8. Many hacker attacks are being enabled by companies refusing to spend the money to upgrade their computers from XP which Microsoft stopped supporting in 2014 (so no security updates). Or Windows 7 since 14th January 2020.

  9. Well we were warned of a food shortage by the end of this year. The libs are making it happen, just like they know when the next pandemic is happening. Right bill gates?

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