Musk Fact Checks Jack Dorsey In Real Time Over Twitter’s Kid Pron Issue



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  1. Thanks again Salty. You're the only one pointing out that it's destruction of the U.S. that's their top priority. To be totally correct; the destruction of the Constitutional Republic in specific, & Western Civilization in general, replaced with a One World Socialist Terror State.

  2. …it's better it's being released in many smaller files over time it's a good strategy..all at once it would have just buried ..maybe the normies will eventually realize it was all BS?..they were duped easily I might add..

  3. Back2Basic: YET i STAY suspended after appeals without any rules or policy violations listed so HOW does FIRST suspension become "REPEATED rules violations?? Without listing ONE violation??

  4. A couple of years before the the job before the American Chinese government I was looking for R2D2 sounds for one of my phones abracadabra c******* I was also offering five bucks to anyone that can help me find these R2-D2 songs damn c******* on their phones three separate phones at the same time some people were told if you pay us $20 will give you $100 that's weird huh guess what right before my eyes they were sent $100 before this though we all went to the police station show the police officers our phones guess what they said we know it's happening to everyone Norwich Connecticut

  5. You have too much faith in Elon Musk.
    He's in on it
    he is slow walking it
    Easy to play in the game or get played.
    Keep hearing this stupid argument that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater but that's not true because if there is a fire.
    Thank God Edward Snowden and Julian Assange yelled fire

  6. Dont forget that this Biden/Obama administration PUT JOHN PODESTA BACK IN THE WHITEHOUSE a few months ago – in charge of distribution of BILLIONS in taxpayers money for whatever HE deems important. They moved ops to the WH. No crimes prosecuted by Democrats AND WIDE OPEN CHILD TRAFFICKING THROUGH OPEN BORDERS.

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