Musk May Publish INTERNAL DOCS On Twitter’s Censorship Of Hunter Biden Story: Batya & Robby React

Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave react to reports that Elon Musk will make his own smartphone if Apple and Google boot Twitter from their app stores. #Twitter #ElonMusk #Apple #Google

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  1. It is in the public interest because it will prove that the Government has been using social media apps as a proxy, to quell free speech. And THAT is against the Constitution. How do you not see that Batya?

  2. Saying it is a .mistake is not enough accountability.. they k ew what they were doing and possible ramifications. The emails to be released may not be too personal as you suggest. They were business emails. Maybe this is warning for ppl making these decisions to be more professional rather than let their personal views take precedence esp when political. Arguing "personal" is not valid either way.

  3. What happened to Batya on this issue? I know she's a liberal, but on certain issues she seemed to be fair-minded. I definitely want to see the "behind the scenes" discussion of the Hunter Biden laptop story at Twitter. Let's see if the powers that be at Twitter purposely buried the story, not because they thought it was "Russian disinformation", but because they knew it would have hurt Biden in the 2020 election and used the supposed Russia connection as an excuse not to distribute the story on their site.

  4. We ARE NOT all on the same page. May media outlets and leftist politicians still DENY that there is concerted censorship, or the proven relationship between the government and big tech in silencing dissenting opinions. You average American is not aware of this collusion. Its amazing that Batya pretends this is all just water under the bridge. LET ELON pull up the carpet to show the cockroaches where they stand.

  5. Batya, how did you decide what is best for the public interest? What negative impact will it have? It seems you have superior knowledge and ability to decide on taxpayers behalf.

  6. Batya, true journalism is after the truth. It is for the public interest to know what gov agency did and how they operated. Now, it feels your position is somehow aligned with MSM

  7. They criticize Twitter when Musk let’s people speak. Yet complained about Twitter before.

    I love how she is like no he shouldn’t release the backlogs of what happened with Hunters laptop story.

    She sounds like a real journalist today. Keep everything hidden nothing to see here. Hillary 2024 😂😂

  8. You guys are missing the point. It is not only conservatives who are backing Elon. The left of the left is backing Elon.

    You guys are making a dichotomy of with the DNC or against them, but there is more to it.

  9. I don't believe the claim that any monopolistic corporation is truly private. Neoliberals and neoconservatives both support fascist like private public partnership and the government is the strongest partner in such partnership. The political establishment clearly uses these "private" institutions as government agencies to do what the government would be banned from doing.

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