Muslim MP Wants to Censor Tommy Robinson From TikTok

#TommyRobinson was banned from Facebook on false pretenses because there is indeed a major problem with Muslim grooming gangs in Britain. This inconvenient reality is dangerous to the prevailing views of political correctness and so Tommy must be suppressed on every front with as much force as they can muster. Now he’s gone from Western social media, Labour MP #AfzalKhan has turned to Chinese app #TikTok to deplatform him.

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  1. > Sargon has a TikTok account

    There's shooting yourself in the foot, and then there's making a TikTok account after having talked shit about the Chinese government in multiple videos.

    Pretty big loss of credibility there, in my opinion.

  2. Ironic that the “Chinese media” doesn’t give a shit. Really shows how hypocritical the idea of “free speech” is in the west.

  3. Funny how these passionate defenders of Islam are so animated over one man's opinion, yet apparently indifferent to the plight of over a million innocent Muslims brutally imprisoned in Chinese concentration camps – yes, actual concentration camps!

  4. Yo I'll criticise ISLAM. Get in your fuckin houses ? and stop spreading the virus. Congergrating in your mosques ETC then crying that the minority's are getting it more .??

  5. Sooooooo, sooooo bored of hearing about all these foreigners moaning , I am NOT interested. I don’t care about them. I don’t like them. I despise them. I am only interested in MY culture and my people. The British people. Go away foreigners.

  6. I thought the CCP hated Islam , so what are they up to ? The Left in this country have taken a lot of tips from the Democrats , so they project , they accuse others of the things they are responsible themselves .

  7. if we put people in power above us, with religious bias, we have no one else to blame but ourselves , if sharia law comes a knocking.

  8. Al Jazeera says Moslems are a minority comprising 3.3million people in the country! Does anyone have an idea how things would've panned out for Britain if Das Heer the Germany army had arraigned only a half of that number to oppose the Normandy landing?! Yet there are three point three million of a people trained from the cradle to view the west and western ideals as evil and the enemy embedded right inside Britain!! By the beard of my sainted aunt, that – in and of itself – is scary as hell!