Must-Watch short GB news Piece with Dr. Aseem Malhotra

My interview today with Dr. Malhotra in his London Vaggzeene Paper press releae….is releasing tomorrow on all platforms! This should whet your appetite in the meantime… 🙂

Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. Credit to him. However, did somebody have to die in HIS family for this to happen?

    If it were his neighbour or patient would he have changed his mind or just merely batted it away like so many others have done?

  2. Not "hindsight": The data, or rather the lack of data, was obvious to any doctor or scientist worth their salt. How can this "doctor" possibly rationalize the fact that pregnant women, two months after the vaccine was introduced, were told that the vaccines are safe, when it was categorically impossible to come to that conclusion by any medical, statistical or scientific method?

  3. I completely struggle to give him any credit whatsoever. His research is limited on vaccines to only one and can't find anything questionable with virtually every other vaccine ever produced…..🤦🏼

  4. The fact that it was being mandated but untested told us everything we needed to know…glad this doctor woke up but its a little too late imo…alot of unnecessary deaths have happened and alot of ticking time bombs walking around..

  5. This interviewer has some underlying 'condemning' tones, in his voice. How bout we all stop focusing on ridiculing this Doctor for his 'initial responses and beliefs?…..Hey…we ALL…were being led by our emotions and fears and nutsacks…. by an extremely insidious industry who knew from the beginning the panic they created and would exploit, and that 'that…would set in with the world at large, the more they fed us all these bullshit lies and reaped huge profits on the backs of so many who followed that lamb to the slaughter. Many of you look pretty pathetic on here, swooping in to punish and discredit this great man, despite his now admitting this is all ….. 'very very Wrong'. How bout you just go with that…and stop with your lousy adolescent vendettas?

  6. The medical class is made of criminals. After almost 3 years they are still "trying to understand" the crimes they have committed, Any person on the streets could point that out with a few weeks of that skam. They are criminals.

  7. Never forget thousands of doctors tried to get the word out about the emerging signals…But they were shut down as misinformation. They tried, they LOST THEIR JOBS trying to tell you. They threw away their careers to tell you…. Now we go after those WHO KNEW it was damaging.

  8. Sorry, your videos repeat the same benefits without telling me what you are selling for over 5 minutes so I gave up. Please get to the point. What are you selling?

  9. This guy would fall into the "expert" category… yet he seems to have had no problem pushing a "vaccine" that had NOT gone through the rigorous clinical trials (which can & SHOULD take many years) and prescribing it to people even less informed than him…

    He's pleading ignorance yet there were plenty of knowledgeable people sounding the alarm bells even BEFORE the 💉 was launched…. and he chose to ignore them. I'm glad I didn't though… pureblood and proud of it !! 😎👍☘

  10. "It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It"

    This guy is just front-running the inevitable backlash coming for the medical establishment… 😒

  11. My 89yr old grandad, with a pacemaker and unvaxed who had recently also lost his wife of over 50yrs . Got Covid when it was the "original strain" and had a fever for 2 days then cold symptoms. He'll be 91 at the end of this year. It's been fear mongering from the start

  12. When societal pressure makes you feel hunted down so you lie to people to make the vax question to go away, the propaganda and stress. The constant letters and calls from the GP ( ive never been SO popular at the doctors ) No more news, switch off the radio no more broadcast tv, just firestick. No traveling abroad, One felt like fugitive in one's war bunker knowing full well these large corporations don't care about me. Trapped in a state/country of fear, it was living inside a state of fear. Closest I think to what it must to have felt like living in pre 1939 Germany with all of its joys. I mean look at Austria last year – the apple dont fall far from the tree.

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