My Chat with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya – COVID, Healthcare, and Academic Freedom (THE SAAD TRUTH_1484)

Topics covered include academic freedom, COVID policies, vaccines, health economics, the Canadian, European, and American healthcare systems, authenticity, and regret.
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Written by Gad Saad


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  1. Jay-big fan of yours. That said here’s some blind spots in this discussion. #1. not much was said about how big pharma exploited the public, ie follow the money. #2. The cause of the lockdown was Fauci, not DJT-he simply caved to the mass fear at that time-a no win situation. And #3. where’s the randomized,unbiased, non cherry picked raw data proving that the shot works for elders? I would think if it existed the data would be front and center. Thanks for your great work!

  2. Discovered Dr. Jay in the spring of 2020. A voice of reason among a bunch of religious covidian lunatics driven by criminal financial and political payola. He is very polite in regards to the abuse he received from other professors at Stanford, almost all of them from disciplines far removed from the science departments. He actually errs on the conservative side with his research and tries to give the lockdown lunatics much more credibility than they deserve. Even he overestimates the danger of sars cov 2.
    The science ,data and weight of evidence was fairly clear in spring 2020.
    1: Lockdown/closure of business – Recommended against
    2: Stay at home orders/quarantine of healthy people – Recommended against
    3: Masking was known to be largely ineffective and cloth masks and face coverings may actually increase your risk of infection
    4: mass PCR testing (particularly of healthy people) and the way it was used, is known as disease mongering, sheer quackery. Neat technology though.
    5: The Beer Bug was classed as a non-critical virus, in March 2020. According to existing WHO and UK guidelines for viruses far worse than sc2 , Track And Trace "should never be used".
    This does not mean that targeted mitigation strategies should not have been used. I am addressing the general approach and lunacy that was adopted for marketing purposes with scripts passed from country to country.

    When one digs into the misattribution of beer bug to mortality and the marketing of the lockdowns it gets very dark (ie: firms hired for multi year lockdown campaigns PRIOR to the first lockdown), the NHS in fall 2020 basically admitting they started including flu, pneumonia, lower respiratory tract disease and beer bug all as CV mortality. Then the tens of thousands of people just listed as a beer bug death for the most tenuous of reasons. Harvard looked at 500000 beer bug hospitalizations from Jan 1, 2021 – June 30,2021 and found that almost half of them did not have beer bug disease, just a positive test, they were there for things like ultrasounds and tests. What will get your goat is how few of the other 250000 beer bug hospitalizations were actually in hospital for beer bug. It matches up with the CDC assertion in summer 2020 that only 6% of the people you were told died of beer bug, actually died of beer bug. Dr. Jay's thought that maybe the jabs might reduce symptoms and severity have not been backed up by real world data and a close look at the data does not really reduce your chance of death. I love Dr. jay but he gives the jabs far more creedence than they deserve and it is only a hypothesis that it reduces severity after a close look at the data. The symptom reduction hypothesis certainly is reasonable and may pan out eventually. At this point all the data is garbage in/garbage out.

    The entire pandemic has been presumptive as they can only genomically sequence 1-1.5 % of tests.
    Content analysis in Canada would show that the most mis information regarding beer bug came from the CBC, any bell media production and the government of canada. Disgusting.
    People believe that we didn't understand what was going on but we did. The goal was getting compliance with no interest in the science.

    There is so much more to say but I've vented enough for today. It is so much worse than most people believe.

  3. I lived in Canada, the USA and Japan. I am a professor/scientist. Middle class. I agree anecdotally with Prof.Bhattacharya : the Japanese system is the best on average. The Canadian is uniformly horrible. The American is a complex mess but if you are loaded or have company benefits, then it is good. (That was my case in the USA).

  4. GREAT interview. That someone like Jay is getting blacklisted for being completely right is a crime. The first thing a new US administration should do, whoever it is, is to purge the ideologs from the US scientific funding organizations. ANY government official in these organizations that has espoused fringe beliefs (critical race theory, cancellation of others, defunding police, etc.) should be immediately fired. Heck, they should be exiled as they have done irreparable damage to so many innocent people with their misguided policies. They are like the Nazi's who would disregard Jewish scientists because they despised the race. This does not belong in science. I hope our next President makes someone like Jay or Gad their science advisor.

  5. When I ask people to review studies before disagreeing with me they reply that they can show me research that proves the opposite.

    In reality they have absolutely no contradictory evidence.

    They just assume I am biased and they have no basis upon which to make a judgement call about any evidence.

    They cling to the 'mainstream' for security out of fear and because they are intimidated by contradiction and controversy.

    It's all to do with the level of personify trait Agreeableness.

    I've noticed comedians (low in Agreeableness) have come to the fore on You Tube.

    I've also noticed mathematicians are also prominent in this group. James Lindsay and Helen Joyce come to mind.

    Now these are people who able to stare down befuddlement and parse out patterns and underlying logic.

    They tend not to be swayed by public opinion but by rational categories and systems.

  6. Pretty surprised Gaad hasn't hoarded his own stash of horse dewormer.

    We used it, it worked wonders.

    If it didn't work why would they outlaw it? It has a safer profile than paracetamol.

  7. 90% of biopharmacological research funding comes from big pharma. How the hell is a government to challenge such a cartel? The institutions of the West are so corrupted by commercial interests they simply cannot make a decision that big pharma can't profit from.

  8. So inspired by the mRNA that doesn't stop transmission, world leaders are gathering together & taking to the stage, touting the idea (plan they've determined to implement) that they will be able prevent future economic/societal collapse by introducing vaccine passports globally.

  9. I've seen this happen many times during my 40 year career as a college Professor. The 'powers that be', if they don't like you or what you are doing, even if you have tenure, will put the entire weight of the institution against you in an attempt to destroy you and your work. It was a great shock to me too….but a reality in Academia for the past 20 years or more. It's a myth that there is free speech and free thought and a marketplace of ideas on most college or university campuses today. Sorry to say it, but it's true.

  10. In a ham fisted effort to save tens of thousands of lives in the face of a pandemic our politicians and public health committees instituted overly restrictive measures leading to the loss of tens of thousands of lives

  11. I was a tenured college Professor for 40 years until my Dean told me I had 2 weeks to get 2 covid shots or I'd be fired. Given there was no data on possible long term side effects (or even short term) for those shots, and given it was a new technology never before used in humans, I said it was against my human rights and against the Nuremberg code to force me to have a medical injection I was against. No matter, no shot…no job. So I was forced out of my job! I will NEVER forgive them for that evil!

  12. I have followed Dr Bhattacharya from the start. I have been a nurse all my working life, British trained in the 1970s. I was sacked by Jacinda Ardern last year. I have lived in NZ 23 years. I agree with all your comments and was an early signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration. Having been criticised, ridiculed, ostracised by friends, colleagues and non clinicians for my opinions on masks, lockdowns, transmission and 'vaccines', my conclusion is rather paranoid. I actually believe the damages done by govts worldwide was deliberate and based on greed and power. I think it was all planned over decades by powers higher than govts. None of these implementors of the horrific restrictions will have to be accountable. It just doesn't work like that anymore. They all want the authority….None of them will accept responsibility. Our economies are wrecked. Cost of living is sky high. Food shortages are on the way. Farming is being murdered. Energy production is ridiculous. Unemployment will crucify families. Children are being used criminally. the powers that be are a law unto themselves. Trust in any politician is non-existant. I think they have done a monumentally good job in achieving their objectives. EVIL personified.

  13. You are both heroes to me. I speak out loud enough that I worry I am going to get in trouble. Somehow it doesn’t keep me from sleeping because I said enough to be true to conscience.

    On the other hand my nomological network of cumulative evidence is incredibly vast. Not because I am smart but because I am hyper curious. I wish I could share some of what I learned during the pandemic with you all.

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