My Chat with SEAL Team Six Robert O’Neill, the Man Who Took Out Bin Laden (THE SAAD TRUTH_1164)

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Dr. Gad Saad is a professor, evolutionary behavioral scientist, and author who pioneered the use of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behavior. In addition to his scientific work, Dr. Saad is a leading public intellectual who often writes and speaks about idea pathogens that are destroying logic, science, reason, and common sense.

Written by Gad Saad


  1. I believe this guy as much as election results. Did you know that the day they announced the osama killing was the same day the US dollar hit 71 cents? Less than 72 cents was free fall status. Dollar was done. And on a miracle they killed Osama that same exact day and the dollar went up and up after that. With no body and no evidence. Just some guys stories that are told to follow orders……….sure. Sure this is all true. Big picture fellas. Gotta pay attention to a lot of things to see it.

  2. Great to hear a conversation which doesn’t think the universe centres on what gender or race you are and the obsession with diversity, equality and inclusion. Robert O’Neill getting into trouble for simply telling facts and speaking truth. Hope he gets into a lot more trouble…..

  3. Great interview here on this particular Veterans' Day. Thanks for brining it our way, and were it possible (looking forward to the day I can in fact) I'd be hoisting a Seawolf IPA in honor. Cheers

  4. Wow, Gad Saad it was incredible to meet you at 10:30 am…. Really enjoyed this video and the bin laden sister interview…. Sorry for screaming out your name behind a covid mask…. I know an almost Doppelganger of you, who goes through recycling bins for bottles. I thought it was him all cleaned up. I told him about you, and showed him your picture. Now I can say, saw the real McCoy. Next time I see you, I will be discrete, and call you, "Bones."

  5. I'd like to personally thank you for showing all the jihadists that no matter how secure they think they are and how much they think they can hide in numbers those who are violent criminals amongst them will be sought out and dealt with.

  6. Hmm. Eric Weinstein interviewed a (very articulate) porn actress right after Sir Roger Penrose, now you follow Bin Laden's niece with the guy who killed him. That's a nice competition of contrasts, there. Keep it up!

  7. As a physicist, I can attest to our utter lack of courage. Physicists, mathematicians, chemists, etc…. tolerated the creeping power of the insane post-modernist left in the 1980 and 1990s. Why? We thought it would not affect us. USA affirmative action had no effect on us.

    Even now, top physicists or mathematicians could threaten the authorities and leave. Take a mathematician like Terrence Tao, the so-called "Mozart of Mathematics", this guy could have a job anywhere in the world.

    This cowardice was documented by Allan Bloom in the "Closing of the American Mind".

    There is also a phenomenon which Prof. Saad despises. We hard scientists have also a tendency, like ordinary people, to look down at the social sciences as if they are not "real sciences". Indeed take physics: you write down an equation and here pops black holes, big bang, etc…. you right down another equation and here pops all of chemistry.

    This is not because we are intrinsically smarter or more scientific that people like Gad Saad but because we decided to study the simplest phenomena of objective reality. But many of us look at the social sciences as just "story telling" not worth our time defending because their field of study is not amenable to "simple" mathematics. (Simple here does not mean trivial to understand but can be stated in a few lines like a poem.)

    Now we pay a heavy price for this arrogance and stupidity..

  8. I am ex British Army. As far back as the early 2000s we were being told that the Armed Forces had to reflect the society it served. I was not sure how being average fit with being exceptional. While the media were "exposing discrimination" I know I felt increasingly wary of my interactions with subordinate females and what damage they could do to me if I gave them the same bollocking I would give a male soldier. The same would go for playing the 'ist or 'phobe card. A SQM tired of female soldiers getting out of Training Exercises by saying time of the month and they forgot to bring something, decided to have a varied supply of sanitary products on hand to offer them. He was disciplined. Today there are briefing memos about gender pronouns. Actual Warriors are being torn down by Social Justice Warriors. It is very sad and I can't believe it isn't detrimental to the task.

  9. Are you all actually this gullible? Why have so many from 'sealteam 6' died lately? AND he was sealteam2 during 9/11…cmon people! He is a fraud who never killed BinLaden…he is CIA/NSA, etc…HELLO PEOPLE. Research him further…

  10. For most people, the mind is the most important thing. I have been a part of a few physical programs with people from all walks of life and with people who were not prepared for such a situation. also part of a group and being young is also useful.

  11. But Bin Laden – according to a press report from Fox News – which has mysteriously disappeared from my photos with no agency of myself involved – died in December 2001 – which is what I thought was probably the case any way for years before finding this report.
    Dodging ‘daisy-cutters’ raining on Tora Bora whilst on a dialysis machine I imagine is a difficult affair – but not so miraculous as turning up well over a decade later in a concealed cell in the western military sector of Pakistan! – like Bormann and henchmen turning up in Aldershot in 1962!
    I don’t doubt the guy’s bona fides – but a real Bin Laden? – No!
    And of course the curious thing that he was dumped at sea overnight from an aircraft when the general ties between the Bin Laden family and US politicians is mutually respectful and supportive – the behaviour would have been religious sacrilege and deeply damaging.
    No one has to look elsewhere for the demolition of those no longer fit for purpose buildings with their asbestos problem of astronomic remedial cost.
    I do not suppose for a moment that the footage is still available to see but clues lies in the demolition of the seventh building of the complex – the third which came down that day – and in the strange operation to remove gold belonging to the Bank of Nova Scotia (?) vaulted in the basement of one of the principal towers in the hours, half-hours, and minutes before the charges were called!
    Modern geopolitical understanding – I humbly venture – begins with the Twin Towers red-pill, without it one walks among asphodels upon the plains of Elysium!

  12. I wonder if his account is true about Bin Ladin's body. Several accounts said that his body was so badly mutilated that they just dumped it. Does anyone know if anyone actually saw the body?