My Covid Crisis!

My Covid Crisis! This is the story of what I did before, during and after the Covid crisis.

Written by TheGreatApostate


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  1. I live in Melbourne. Most locked down city on the planet. The insanity the last few years has really disillusioned me – not only our governments and media failed us, that's expected. But the so called medical and scientific communities? Absolutely despicable.

  2. So sorry about the losses in your life as well mate. Been through many of the same things too with jabbed people getting mystery illnesses, not to mention the division caused (we too were attacked for protesting too… do we have any hope of "them" admitting they were wrong, morally and scientifically? I'm not holding my breath

  3. Hello, I had mild covid 2 times. 3 people in my family were hospitalized with covid. 2 died. I took the jab when available with no side effects. I don't know if I'll get a booster. I really don't know what the truth is anymore. Good to see you again.

  4. My wife and I avoided the jab, I almost lost my job over it. Everyone that I know in my family got it and thankfully they're still fine. My father almost died from covid but was saved by monoclonal antibodies (back when they were only given in certain areas to extremely high risk cases). My wife and I have had covid once and come out of it fine after a week or so. My parents are both still JWs, and I don't understand how they were so quick to trust this "worldly" government, especially now that it's so obviously corrupt. I guess when you get into your sunset years you'll do anything your told if it means you'll see one more day of life (except get a blood transfusion lol). I'm sorry you lost your father in law.

  5. Hey Neil, you look great mate, good to see you. I got my jab, I was in a difficult situation as I had received a kidney transplant a few weeks before COVID hit us here in the states. So I got both jabs and a booster. I have had 0 problems since. As a matter of fact physically I'm doing quite well. I didn't have any misgivings about the vaccine and wanted to get it as I am immunocompromised. I will remain so if I want my new kidney to keep working. I have not got sick at all in the last 2.5 years. I feel great, my family all got theirs and none of them got sick at all either. I'm sorry to hear about your Father in law. May he rest in peace. I'm glad you are well.

  6. I had a pretty successful "fade" going on before the Scamdemic, nearly celebrated my 25th anniversary before I was found out as a non believer. As it turned out, it was my stand against the vaxx issue that got me disfellowshipped from my JW family as well as my Catholic, Satanist and Fundamentalist family too! At least they're all praying for me… I'm not sure what my Atheist family does, but they're not talk'n either. I know of not one friend or family that hasn't been anointed by the Vaxx now!

  7. As a retired nurse, I did everything in my power to avoid the flu shot because they rarely worked! So when the plandemic hit, I did some research and found this Cayman Chemicals SM 102 Luciferase, that told me NO. When you see watchtower encouraging the juice and renting out parking lots,you know some thing is up! The world is a lot like watchtower ALL roads(501.c3) lead to Rome and ALL the world is a stage and their leaders are actors e.g Turdeau (drama teacher) Trump(tv show)the guy in the war with Russia(can't spell his name ha) he is an actor & comedian…… I wish every one would wake up!!

  8. I did get vaccinated and although I seem to be one of the lucky ones that hasn’t (at least yet) had any adverse effects, I know I got vaccinated for the wrong reasons. I got vaccinated so I could travel to see my daughter. Not a very smart or thought out reason 🤦‍♀️

  9. Always lovely to see you, Neil. Best wishes to yourself and your family. I am sorry about your father-in-law.
    I'm not jabbed. I won't be jabbed with what's there right now. Medically I couldn't wear a mask…the names I've been called have been obscene. The "selfish" aspect was a crazy argument the jab doesn't stop you transmitting it to someone else. I was told I was killing the vulnerable. When I said I'm classed as "vulnerable" (flu can keep me sicker for a couple of years) and it's my responsibility to shield myself. I can't ask the world to stop to keep me safe. Extreme provisions could have been afforded those who were vulnerable (should they want it) and it would have been cheap, efficient, and practical. I've been calling out disabled mates as selfish electing everyone to lock down, not go to school, destroy business, ruin mental health, etc, for them. erm…no. As it was a high proportion of vulnerable people died anyway, such as those with learning difficulties, because they weren't protected.
    Prepping's fine as we were warned in at least 2020 that food prices were going to rise and supply chains broken.
    I was watching Irish chap Ivor Cummins on YouTube looking at covid stats…very interesting.
    I know one healthy person drop dead after the jab. My dad had a stroke…he's elderly but you wouldn't know…that side of the family is huge (Irish Catholics) and I can't think of anyone who's had a stroke…other stuff happens to us, but not strokes. A friend died of leukaemia that went undiagnosed because no arse of a doctor would see her…she was really sick…finally got to A&E and they diagnosed her quickly (not sure what the test is). They kept her in and she died 3 days later.
    I've had my professional carers still in every day.(carers could come in but high-paid GPs didn't go and visit patients with effing leukaemia.) It's been SO bloody hard for them – on crap money. My main one of about 14 years got so distressed because she said if I got it then she'd have been the one who gave it to me. I'm like…it's OK. It really is OK. Please, don't worry. It is what it is…I'll come back and haunt you (I have to get a bit of cheek in) but it's OK. They had such a hard time and were getting sick with the stress and the "hygiene" routine. I was a patient for months in an isolation hospital (no, not with apostasitis) so I've got an idea of routines and protocols.

    Bunches of feckers everywhere. Brit govt and their double standards were truly heartbreaking.

    Keep rolling on, Neil. Thank you for protesting. I used to be someone on the front lines but not have to do it from my bed.

    All the best. x

  10. I had the jabs but 2 weeks after my booster i was admitted to hospital with `pulmonary embolisms in both lungs and pneumonia, after a short stay in hospital i was discharged only to be readmitted with a secondary chest infection, again i was discharged only to be readmitted 2 weeks later doctors found that half of my left lung had died and i needed major surgery to remove the dead lung tissue and clear out the infection. While i was in hospital and after all other causes were ruled out 3 doctors said it was likely to be related to the covid booster but getting the pharmaceutical industry to admit it would be near on impossible. Happily i am doing well now.

  11. I was pretty shocked how this whole thing was political and in some cases religious. I got the vaccine as soon as it was available to me. A loved one was being rather pushy and I also wanted to travel again. I had already had the virus and probably didn't need it at all medically. But, this wasn't about medical needs was it? In any case, it gave me a very bad reaction. I have permanent blindness in one eye. My medical documentation is clear that this was from the shot. In any case, wishing you and your family well. Sorry to hear about your losses.

  12. Condolences😢
    You look great!
    I gained 20lbs😡
    I have doomsday life view too , and I think this time it's for real❗️
    No vax for me I'm immune risk w diabetes. As far as prepping I wish I had been prepping the last 20 years with land and Gardens for food👍 so nice to see you again Neil keep posting love hearing from you🥰

  13. Thank you Neil. My mom died of a stroke in 21' under the care of my conventional siblings who work in the medical field. They refuse to tell me if she got the shot, but they are all JWs and all very conventional with healthcare.
    I am not, I had my hashimotos healed by my doctors (antibodies from over 200 slowly going down, and now under 30 and normal range), my doctors do not endorse the shot, my doctors had tools taken away from them that they know helped victims of the thing. 
    I took one of those medicines as a preventative, then the FDA took. it. away. They can do the same as that show Kevin can F..K himself. The FDA takes away lots of good medicines. Ask Wendy Renay about the one she needs that they are not allowing her to get!
    Peace Neil. 🤗
    ps. WTH is up with these alt left people who supposedly believe in bodily autonomy saying get your effing s(@t! I heard the emcee on the Monday night Recovering from Religion Zoom meeting saying that over and over. Cute guy, but geeeeez. yuk!!! Dogmatically telling me what to do with MY body.
    pps. S(@t Trolls can eff off.

  14. good to hear from you Neil ….. so many of your words are similar to my own words …. i believe we are in the center of the storm right now , they are coming for the unvaxed . but things are changing to a point where it may not be proper to scape goat the unvaxed any more .

    i'm currently building a wood gasifier to power a generator to power the house when the power goes out …. my gut feeling is we will be without services here for awhile . i've also got in 2 years worth of wood ( the house is heated with a wood stove ) ….. my mormom friends are saying to have at least 5 years worth of food , fuel and supplies / clothing on hand …… in the past they would only push 2 years of this …..

    buy stuff you use when it is on sale , and store it away ….. grow a garden if possible , and become good friends with your local farmers .

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