My first interview in the Netherlands

My first interview in The Netherlands

Meet Nynke Koopmans from Friesland from up North.

Don’t be confused by her t-shirt 🙂

She is a farmer and talks about what’s going on here on the ground.


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  1. The Globalists WEF thought if you controll the money you control the world its gona be a cold winter because who controls the food and fuel controls the world Australian Government and all who contract to it are the criminals

  2. Monika they Rutte and his evil cohorts are shutting down the farm then take over their farming land that through their evil agenda has brought these farms to become unviable, unproductive and they will offer them peanuts for their land. Evil to the core. Rutte must go asap

  3. When you get back to Australia, please start talking to our farmers, I think I have heard somethings happening already. We know they have already attacked small beekeepers for example. Well done Monica.

  4. Me thinketh maybe Dr.Kill, Satan Klaus and the Globalists 'You'll Own Nothing and, We'll Be Happy 'aren't HAPPY with the Plandemic depopulation numbers so the new and., quicker variant is war and…….famine!@!?😝🤪😜😎

  5. We are the enemy of the government. They seem quite happy to kill off as many of us as possible. These things that rule over us need to be exorcized from power, put on trial & jailed for the rest of their natural lives. This is worse than just politics & economics. These bastards are pure evil & must be stopped. Come out of the slumber. Shake yourself awake enough to realize you are a human being with inalienable rights that must be fought to the death for if need be! There is very little hope left for any of us if we don't rise up on mass now! The hour is already very late!!

  6. The Climate hoax is a tool to take over the world. You own nothing and you will be happier. True the climate hoax they can take all properties. It was genius to change that carbon is the cause for climate change. Carbon is food for plants and trees that transform it to oxygen and animals breath oxygen and transform it into carbon. So making the world believe carbon is bad for the climate is genius. They have never show ANY real prove that humans true fossil fuel causes climate change. Its all based on models and pseudoscience and IDEOLOGY.
    In Holland they changed nitrogen to its bad for plants and trees. But plants and trees also transform nitrogen to oxygen. Same trick and the same global elite psychopaths are behind it.

  7. We need MASSIVE strikes. To shut down the country. Then companies will putt pressure on the regime. This is the only way and with demonstrations and blockades nut EVERY day till the regime steps down. But for that most people of the country must get hurt by the policies. This will happen one day but when i do not know. Think next year when the world economy collapses.
    But to stop the global agenda the world population must unite. United we can defeat the global elites and there puppets.

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