My first Vicstapo interaction Day 1 mask mandates in Melbourne July 23rd 2020

One more from the memory banks from July 23rd 2020.

This was the first day mask mandates came out in Melbourne. I decided to go for a walk to see if people really were that stupid to all put them on as nobody wore them the day before or in the first 2 weeks or months of flattening the curve.

Not only was everyone wearing them but also people were dobbing me into the police for not wearing a face diaper. I got stopped twice in the middle of nowhere outside in suburban Rowville. The first one was quick but I took a photo of the ground instead of a video with a rookie error. 🤦‍♂️

The second interaction I filmed in full as posted here. This was the first time the victoria police became the Vicstapo to enforce medical science fiction tyranny.

After this interaction, the male cop asked me if this would be on the news? I said no way, I am just a guy going for a walk in the middle of nowhere harming nobody. To my amazement @daily_mailuk
Picked this up first and tried their best media spin on it calling me a smug covidiot as in the article here.

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. What I say – I refuse to participate in medical fraud and murder and will not advocate medical fraud and murder unlike you…Is there any reason your committing and perpetuating and advocating medical fraud?

  2. within 15 minutes it went from attempted seizure and a charging for a fee to not knowing what said by dosent know who about dosnt know why and not calling him a criminal And they have guns

  3. They must have mental health issues and all they are good for is taxation theft 💯 and use scare tactics against the people truth 💯 plus now Dr Fauci Is know where to be seen disappeared and been getting done by court how many times over a fraud plandemic

  4. What an absolute shit show this has been, good to reflect on the stupid 'directions' made by fkn stupid people, and the dumb people who inforce them without even thinking about what they are doing.

  5. The work of Marty, Nunya, Rebel News and AA have dismantled my idea that a person could breath in Australia; that an independent spirit was encouraged. Cue videos like this! PoliceScotland run amok. And they will get worse for things such as protesting will be – and, yes! this phrase is appropriate – outlawed. I'm trying to decide if our cops are worse than yours. Going by this, I'd say your cops are the bottom-of-the-barrel. What Australia is today genuinely depresses me.

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