My Heart Goes Out to You, Australia

Things are getting Orwellian in all the bad, scary ways down in Australia.

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Written by The Crigler Show


  1. Hello from Australia hope your well an good on them for going off grid best think to do if you can an yes it's getting bad hear as it will worldwide bless you take care ✋

  2. In these instances, I believe it is every soldiers moral and professional responsibility to DISOBEY. The only reason governments believe they are able to get away with this is hiding behind the men wielding swords.

    First thing sleepy Joe Hidin' did when rigging the election was surround the capital with soldiers. Any such men defending such cowards are, at this point, just as bad if not worse.

  3. The nsw state that botch their own state isolation program and let loose the virus. The whole of Australian government from state to federal level are gross incompetent. All of them should be voted out.

  4. It's a shame that no one talks about western Australia where we are covid free thanks to our authoritarian rules. We also are the largest state with the lowest population density. With all that said I'd happily take an American liberation

  5. It's the sort of propaganda in Australia that even Stalin or Goebbels wouldn't have dreamt of. The convict nation is returning to its roots, and the sad thing is that like when the Nazis came to power the majority of people are loving it. I am ashamed to be Australian trapped in my own country. I am ashamed of most Australians.

  6. Andrews signed up for the Global cities network(GCN) look into it, pure evil. Melbourne, Victoria has been under lock/restrictions since March 2020. Please send DJT.

  7. Ya know, with a country that can't even win a war against Emus why would we expect anything better than this situation. Stop outsourcing your responsibilities to the government. If you have no responsibilities you have no autonomy!

  8. The most rediculous is that the decease isn't even that horrible. There's absolutely no justification for this kind of totalitarian response. The Australian government is a joke to call itself a government. It's a dictatorial regime. Including Stasi like powers given to the police force.