My Interaction with Fake News…Astonishing Admissions.

Recently, while filming an interaction between a citizen journalist and a Channel 7 reporter, on Saturday, December 11, 2021, I interjected. I normally wouldn’t but was so astonished by what I heard that I had to…apologies to Bullshit Man.

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The citizen journalist:

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Sam I appreciate what youre trying to do but he was right that you kept asking the same question without a follow up.
    I'd like to ask them why they aren't reporting on adverse reactions.
    I think Paul has been fairer than most in his reporting of the protests but he works for corporate media who are ultimately the ones who will set his agenda and output.

  2. Some journalist, hey? That's a pathetic excuse for an investigative reporter. He's nothing but an arrogant little smartarse.

    They're supposed to report fair, balanced, unbiased, and reliable reporting of BOTH SIDES OF AN AFFAIR/ISSUE.

    These wannabes probably started out in first year at university with some real idealistic fervour and immature zeal… Then they got jaded by reality and went a little too far the other way by simply selling out to the highest bidder for the best contract their personal academic transcript cold acquire for them as they started climbing the ladder…

    That's TV for ya.

  3. WOW. He is completely unaware of the gravity of what he confessed… That he didn't even think it was a big deal. 

    Do you think he actually has no idea why everyday people are turning aggressively on reporters?

  4. Mate these are people who are getting journo jobs these days
    It ain’t how informed you are or intelligent
    It’s can you fit into a an extra small suit that’s always 2 sizes to small for your body .
    If you can squeeze in and your voice Carries ok over a mic your in you’ve got the job 😵‍💫

  5. So he gets his info from FB and doesn’t look too deeply into anything!! I’m not surprised really. But great job for video confirmation that MSM are full of 💩.

  6. lol @ th thumbnail..dude in the 'blue' is cooked as fu* and yas having freedom balls and sh** supporting the uap party? cossack is a shilkl all ya freedom fighters got sold down the river to a russian spy and a missus that needs a sandwich

  7. @ 3:32 holllly heck that dude in blue cap is COOKED AS lmmmmao…put down the pipe g…should go to the 'freedom ball' 500 buck a ticket ( get half a ball for that ) …give awards to corrupt politicans all night lmao

  8. “ I don’t read lancet” ! Remember he is a puppet of media they call them journalists. Investigative journalists gone missing? 4 corners ABC where are they?

  9. Journalists not wanting to investigate the truth, or not the truth. Shows he's told what to say, what to film, what to avoid, who to slander and to not think for himself. Probably on 2 to 3 K a year.
    edit: I read a story from online news service New Daily. Hammering the fear back into the silly people. Record numbers of positive cases as vaxxed mix with unvaxxed at venues. The image showing a line of cars lined up at a Bondi testing point. The photo to convey the deception of thousands tested to get the result of record numbers. That photo was used on TV news, and numerous times since the start in 2020. Smoke and mirrors, wake up.

  10. He is an unprofessional mouthpiece for channel 7, he clearly doesn't give a shit about what he is saying. 5 minute fake news research will be all he did, the mere mention of Facebook rang bells for me, the home of FAKE NEWS!! A snake in a suit who is getting paid too much!!

  11. the cdc hid the vaccination status of pregnant women in a study testing the effects vaccines might have on stillborns and people are none the wiser because mainstream media hasn't reported it.

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