My Latest Appearance on Tucker Carlson – Discussing Justin Trudeau (THE SAAD TRUTH_1449)

Tucker Carlson Tonight:
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Written by Gad Saad


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  1. The latest evidence of racist against black person is white people dancing in the rain, I literally have no idea what a fricken hate crime could possibly be!!

  2. I personally want to thank you Dr. Saad for remaining one of the consistent and intellectually honest thinkers in the post Trump post pandemic period. A lot of thinkers I respected like Sam Harris have seemed to have fallen off from reason and rationality which is unfortunate.

  3. Justin Trudeau is nothing but a virtue-signaling idiot and does not care about the people of Canada, the minority in Canada, or anyone else. All he likes to do is hear himself talk. He does not believe what he says and only says what people want to hear. He's just as bad as our politicians in charge right now in the United States.

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