“My Life Felt Ruined” – Talk w/ Detransitioned Woman

Today we’re interviewing a young detransitioned woman who recently appeared on ’60 Minutes’. She’s speaking out on her experience and attempting to help others through her story.
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Written by Blaire White


  1. When I was 13-16 I constantly struggled with body image. I was very depressed and dealing with a family that only ever wanted me to be "girly." So I rebelled against that. I wore masculine clothes, hid my body with oversided jackets and shirts, cut my hair very short. As the LGBT community began to grow on YouTube, I got hooked on some trans channels and began to wonder if it was for me. I started taking pictures of myself with masculine makeup and felt happier. Only later did I realize that I felt many things that contributed to that that weren't dysphoria. 1. I also struggled with my sexuality and wanted female attention but without being myself because I was brought up to be ashamed of it.
    2. I hated myself and my body.
    3. Pain from family trauma.
    I saw these people "fixing" their lives by transforming themselves, and I thought I wanted that. I mistook the pain for gender dysphoria and I was so ready to latch onto something to be happy. It could have been dangerous and I may have made the same mistakes Grace did had I not also began seeing stories of those who detransitioned. We need to keep advocating for youth mental health to be taken seriously.

  2. Blaire, you are a great interviewer. You feel like a friend to everyone who is blessed to know you(in my opinion). That young women is very brave and I hope she continues to heal and I pray she has support.

  3. I just found out about your channel from Tom's recent upload and I already love your content. This interview was really interesting & something I never knew or thought about. Great job ?

  4. I think the issue is that we have this concept of gender binaries stuck in all of us subconsciously that we try to conform to them but this is a good example of the fact that gender is fluid and a social construct so there is no right or wrong way to define oneself. I've always struggled with my gender identity because according to society I wasn't feminine enough to be considered female (despite being born a cis female) and I had a period where I wondered What was wrong with me because I didn't feel like I was trans but I also wasn't allowed to fit into societies gender norms. Over the years I've come to accept that the only thing wrong with me was letting society tell me what I could and couldn't be and it tells you a lot that even us cis people who don't fit gender norms struggle to feel accepted I can only imagine how it must be for my trans sisters brothers and others. I think we should stop refering to people using their gender (aside from biologic sex for health stuff of course) and accept that there is no binary and it's okay to be who you are and make whatever decisions you wish to about your body and how you present yourself.

  5. You seem like such a sweetheart. I found you from the Tom MacDonald video – and damn, lol, was so busy drooling over you I didn’t realize you were trans!

    Mind. Blown.

    Do your thing baby girl, you’re clearly rockin it. ??

    (Side note, I’m a chick too.)

  6. Found you through Tom's music video. Subscribing so I can hear your point of views since mainstream has an agenda. I just want honest rational conversations, such as demonstrated in this video.

  7. I can't keep up, girl wants to be boy but really is girl so back to being a girl but the boys that now are girls don't like that so we are now attacking the girls but the new girls have to stay girls or the boys that want to be girls will be boys and on and on and on and on I can't keep up. Thank God I'm just a boy.

  8. As an effeminate and somewhat outsider male, I always think about how it’s quite possible that had I grown up in this era as opposed to the 1980s and 1990s (pre internet culture), I may have very well ended up this way.

  9. I think we would all benefit of the Community stopped shunning de transitioners and Gay/Lesbian Converts.. their voices can save our confused youth and their parents a lot of pain.

  10. Same as the comment below, found it about you from Tom’s video and glad I found you as regardless of my own life which is different than yours I’m glad I found you as you have a lot that is worth everyone listening to. Respect to you and be yourself as that’s the only thing that can make you you??????

  11. I kept trying to hit the like button over and over again. This is the best and most honest Trans conversation I have ever heard. This gets skeptics like myself to open our ears and minds and try to understand a different mindset and perspective. Thank you both for this. I wish you both peace happiness in your lives.

  12. I think a factor for women that mistakenly transition then regret it is, many people don't realize that females can and do feel very strange in their own bodies when they hit puberty and suddenly have breasts, pubic hair and menstruation. It's literally like you had your old body (that was obviously more boy-ish) ripped away and your given this new, uncomfortable body and functions that make you feel misplaced for a while through adolescence. I think it's only natural that for a time they often feel like they just want that old, boy-ish, less complicated body back.

  13. The definition of brave. Love it when people say things that are true, and need saying. Taboo topics from the trans community is ironic. But hey… you do you boo.

  14. I am able to relate. I was a tomboy who cut her very short and is bisexual who did not come out until 26. I did not get comfortable with my self until I was 32. I now have say I am a female who is strong and happy with myself. I have suffered four rapes and in a happy relationship with a male which shocked me a lot. I don't agree with transitioning until 18. I have a daughter. I want her to wait until she is an adult and not regret her choices. I hope she can be comfortable with herself.

  15. I'm SO glad I was born in the 70s! Was always a "tomboy", even stated that "I'd prob'ly have made a better boy", but NVR "felt" at odds w/my perfectly healthy body. Becoming a mother is still the most amazing physical experience I never fantasized about. #howIdofemale

  16. Thank you Blair for mentioning the lack of consistency in how trans are diagnosed/not diagnosed. I am not trans myself but a lifelong friend of mine is -he transitioned a few years ago, before it blew up in the media and what not. The lack of consistency has been my biggest concern of all this.
    I remember not only did he have to be very proactive in his therapy, but then he had to come out to friends/family, and he had to dress like a man and use male restrooms when in public for a full year before he was able to even start taking testosterone. A year or two later he found a surgeon in another state who would remove his breasts. Between his first therapy appointment and his first surgery, it was probably 2-3 years? I’m not 100%, but it was a good amount of time. He was able to work with his therapist to make sure that transitioning was truly something he needed to do in order to live a fulfilling, authentic life. And his therapist made sure he had a strong support system in place for the entire transition, which is so incredibly important.

    I don’t claim to know what the timeline should be, but I do know my friend took the time and did the work before transitioning and is now living life happy and with no regrets. I think it should be required for others and I feel like the number of de-transitioners would drop significantly if it was.