My Most Important Video Yet

This is my first video back after a YouTube strike and timeout (for reporting on a profound impact on women’s health and reproductive cycles from vaccines), and its main purpose is to try and alert people as to where to find me and my reporting should a complete deplatforming by BigTech occur.

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The hellish 18 months we have endured amidst the SARS-COV-2 pandemic has tested us all in many ways. But our struggle to beat back this disease (and maintain our societies and economies in the meantime) pales in comparison to the threat of another new pandemic sweeping the globe: our loss of basic freedoms and rights.

As our once treasured principles of personal privacy, free speech and bodily autonomy are dismantled (allegedly) because of a grave public health threat, how will we live, or dare I say, merely survive, in this brave new world?What will it mean to be an American, a European or a member of Western Civilization in general after these deeply treasured beliefs become but quaint relics of the past? Can any of us really guess?

That’s why it’s more important now than ever that free-thinking, like minded people work together to keep the lines of communication open and free flow of ideas moving. As censorship continues to silence the many voices of scientists, doctors, journalists and concerned citizens un-beholden to corporate media interests, we need to find new communities and safe spaces to discuss ideas and maintain sanity in an ever maddening world.

Take advantage of this one time, special offer from Peak Prosperity. Become a full paying member with total insider access for a one time, special promotional offer of $1 for your first month here:
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Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. You have the best channel discussing medical info. Ive looked at others, like Dr. Mike Hansen, and all he does is repeat whats on the CDC website and smear anyone who disagrees as purveyors of "misinformation." It amazes me to see other YouTube docs unable to look at data and analyze.

  2. The fee of $30 a month is too expensive for the majority of people. Patreon would be better for just this specific audience. Otherwise seperate it out on your website…. $30 for all content and $5 a month for just this type of medical content. Especially for those of us who follow independent news, 50% have fees and many of us can't pay hundreds of dollars a month to follow all the news channels and reporters we enjoy.

  3. We're in the middle of an institutional crisis where none of the people who are supposed to look out for us can't be trusted any longer. They've told us lie after lie and attempted to silence anyone who is not regurgitating the narrative of the Left.

    Now the American Medical Association (AMA) is trying to pressure physicians to stop prescribing Ivermectin.

    I don't trust any of them with my health or the health of any member of my family.
    This pandemic has been less about SARS-Covid-2 than about power grabbing and economic re-engineering.

    Here's some recommended reading

    State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid19 Pandemic by Laura Dodsworth

    It can be downloaded free in pdf format. Most things described in this book are happening in the USA too.

  4. Wow, dude, you have gone to the dark side. I trusted you in the early days of the pandemic to get me through and I was really appreciative but I lost touch for several months and happened upon your videos again recently and all I hear is theoretical considerations that have no basis in actual reality. It's as if your purist scientific evaluation has to supersede the fact that people will die if we don't implement vaccinations. You really give the impression that you would rather no one get the vaccination and many more millions die. I don't know what happened to you but you are clearly on the dark side. I'm going to stop telling my friends that you're someone to watch.
    You are not living in reality.

  5. No way they are going to reward good reporting. Why? See below…

    How to subjugate a population via mass hysteria (aka mass psychosis):

    (1) Frighten them with sensationalized propaganda and withhold important information

    (2) Get them to believe that their "neighbors" are the enemy within ("domestic terrorists") to create unhealthy division (black/white, liberal/conservative, Trump supporters/Biden supporters, vaxxed/unvaxxed)

    (3)Tell them that if they just unquestioningly do what you tell them to do, you will save them from the dangerous enemies and threatening situations

    Works every time!

  6. Thank you once again Chris for your openness and integrity over this matter in a world which has gone mad unfortunately. Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.

  7. Actually Chris, I have heard many channels complain of having people unsubscribed often. They reguarly remind viewers they have to resubscribe. Happens to be channels with important information which runs opposite of the current lockstep media babble. Like white southern men attacking the government in the name of the Taliban. I know that is my first fear.

  8. Chris , when you are living in an Oligarchy , they make the rules to benefit there own interests and in the end you get screwed .

  9. Chris last week I heard of a court ruling on intellectual property. The AI responsible for inventing the product has intellectual copyright not the human inventor of the AI system which created the product. Therefore we can conclude with gain of function technology many vaccines have been produced by AI technology therefore the "inventor" of Sarscov2 will not be able to be tracked down and prosecuted because human law does not apply. Is this a logical conclusion?This means we have no future recourse if something worse is released

  10. There seem to be, somewhere in the upper echelons, some psychopathic, ill-intentioned people who have gained control of the "experts" and the "narrative." They seem to have an insatiable need for total control of others and will do or destroy anything to get that control. All psychopaths are narcissists (although the reverse is not true); therefore, that need for control, need to suppress contrary viewpoints, and need to see themselves as superior to the masses can be explained by narcissism. The lack of a moral compass and lack of empathy are part of the psychopathy.

  11. I noticed that I was unsubscribed from Rob Braxman, The Internet Privacy Guy at some point. After a while I just noticed I wasn't seeing his videos. I had to specifically search him out and re-subscribe.

  12. Not all data are correct and not all statistics are reported. And drugs companies won't make money if people don't follow the science. I take medicines and hospitalization when my condition needs intervention. Why can't they make vaccines with kill bacteria (dead germs) like other safe vaccines?