My public response to a low blow, then moving on.

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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. Check Wilson's wikipedia. Someone edited it today to misrepresent Louis and said he made a "salty" video and that his opinion is wrong. I deleted the edit and stated that it was an opinion-based edit as my justification for removing, but not sure if my edit stuck.

  2. who's that mini-dictator ? is this legal ? and playing the racist card on top of that ? "I received an anonymous letter so I'll have to close schools, sorry but you don't defend education with death threats ! seeeeyaa!" what a fukn asshle

  3. I get a death threat for not listening, therefore I'm not listening. Is that literally just building further animosity towards you? You're a politician, you deal with hordes of people not a small group of even 20 people.

  4. Loved your chat about the argument with the car engineer. Something in that for all of us I think. One can watch your videos & learn not only how to fix MacBooks, but how to (at least attempt to) be a decent human being. Say hi to the cat for me.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the possession and use of marijuana is a federal offence that carries a federal penalty. But States have said no to implementing it and made it legal. Owning a firearm is federally legal, but states go out of their way to make sure their citizens are not owning a firearm?

    So why is Right to Repair isn't a federal issue, so one of them doesn't want it implemented at a state level?

    And that chairman needs to be removed from office for the reasons he used to crush the bill. He states he has other issues, but he never presented any at the time. He was using his emotion, and he clearly not capable of the position.

  6. If he actually received a death threat then my question would be did he report it? If he didn't then A. He failed to report a crime and B. Has no faith in the police that he's responsible for. If he did report it then again, this childish act shows he has no faith in his police dept. I guess any time a legislator decides they don't like something they can just claim they were threatened and use that for justification. Victim mentality is real

  7. That is disgusting, every decision maker will stir the pot and collect enemies… if those enemies attack you on a personal lvl that is police business and should not in any way shape or form influence your decision, allowing this and on public record without consequences is above my understanding of democracy.

    The above is something you raise your eyebrow on if you hear about it in Russia or China but US….. WTF! those people should have all decision making power stripped from them, preferably in a public location with balloons and a marching band.

  8. People who are out of touch with what being a farmer means make rules on what farmers can do to fix their own equipment. Also this chairperson is a man-child.

  9. Hence one speaking ones thought is the right of everybody should be given. Good for you Louis. Also, these morons in the legislation are are fighting this bill using "a death threat" as a reason to say "piss on it, we are getting paid". A good part of the reason of living in a specific state is that you have rights that overrule the government or make those federal laws null and not enforced. This guy "in charge" is basically making a mockery of something very, very malpractice-like.

  10. He's dumb, you never should let a threat influence your decision in any way or you'll just get more threats in an attempt to influence you the way they want.
    Even if it was an excuse, it'll still potentially lead to more threats regardless.
    He does opposite? They'll claim to want the opposite.

  11. Yeah, i rage a little bit anyone says open source is insecure, and i don't understand how windows can be so insecure, really, how, is proprietary, it should be harder to break, but when i was learning programming a person in the room made a virus by accident, really, he got a virus for windows with nearly 0 programming experience.

    I also have heard people saying that they keep windows because they can pirate games there, it is not easy to find pirated software in linux, for one the people is willing to pay there, on the other hand they have a lot of options and they know it.

  12. He's more concerned about his feelings than the concerns of constituents. Another year where farmers find it more difficult to just get on with their job.

  13. So that's how politics work. The elected people use it to do what they want.
    This incredibly stupid elected idiot has shown the way how block any law: Just sent death threats to the politicians and it's dead. Yes,m they are THAT stupid and manipulative.
    You dont want a law to be passed: Send death threads to the people who decide it saying wqe will kill you when wou NOT pass it and it is dead. It' soooo easy 😀
    Really, how can this idiot decide on what to pass based on how he is treated?? And opening up to use him in his egocentric world to o100% maipulate law without even considering what is in it?
    Can't get my head around how stupid this guy is and how easily his arrogant character can be used to manipulate-.

  14. I believe that the kook-aid comment was the trigger to him feeling racially attacked but to be honest with you it seems that he was already bought and payed for by the anti right to repairs before this even started! Good for you to stay away from that state until there’s real politicians with thicker skin than aren’t selling themselves to the highest bidder

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