My thoughts on a 2nd lockdown, mostly talking trash about Cuomo while riding a bike

? Sources and data:
? NYC death rates based on age & pre-existing illnesses:
? CDC projection of mortality rates for SYMPTOMATIC cases:
? Nursing home story:
? Javits center field hospital closes early:
? Cuomo shutting down city again:

? Stuff I recorded this with:
? GoPro 7: (this thing sucks but I will drive it into the ground until it dies)
? DPA 4066: (my favorite mic)
? Zoom H1n: (this works amazingly well)

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. No plastic bags, you have to wear a mask and stand in a long-ass line in the streets on every freaking grocery store. This is the Neo-Soviet Union.

  2. As per the CDC covid death rate is 0.26%, similar to a strong flu season. Bolshevik communist revolutionaries took over the US. RIP America!

  3. Louis we never have nor will have contagion, it's blatant ignorance talking about droplets at all. VIRUSES are made by us and is a solvent. It's all a big pharma lie, end of story.

  4. Prepare for a 4th and 5th lockdown as some portion of Americans continue to do their own thing, not safeguard anyone around them, and drag this pandemic out. State governments will ride a line where they either do nothing or cave to pressure to reopen too soon, dragging out the pandemic further. Lives will be saved the longer the shutdown since half the country can't be bothered to wear a mask and the current Fed is actively against dealing with the pandemic in a sane and competent way.

  5. My state govoner is just lying about the case spikes and is claiming hospitals can still give quality care even though a hospital already said they were out of available respirators and when someone asked if they could get the numbers to back up the governor's statement they said they didn't have the numbers. How the fuck can you make a claim like that without having data to support it?

  6. Electric bikes going 45 mph+ have NO business in a crowded BIKE lane. They’re no longer BICYCLES when they go that fast. Idiots zooming by from the opposite direction separated by 16 inches are gonna kill someone

  7. I'd say it's more like civil disobedience. It's a risk but it's worth it. If you disagree there are a lot of serious demands out there that we need to get working on. Not just "I want a haircut."

  8. He ISNT destroying the economy "without reason", its just that YOU dont know what his reasons are, which is VERY different
    Even though the rioting is happening in DEM controlled cities, with black leadership and where some havent been republican governed for almost 100 years they WILL be spinning this like mad to claim all the deaths, the crashed economy AND the rioting is trumps fault come election time
    And there is more than enough morons who will believe it in the United States and who will forget most of the problems behind those things were created under the obama administration or earlier
    Then you have the fact that collapsing the economy moves HUGE amounts of wealth from people like you to the ultra wealthy, you know, the same people who donate MILLIONS each year to the DNC and DNC candidates and campaigns, who also happen to own and control around 95% of the worlds media which is why you WILL hear it ALL being blamed solely on trump come election time
    So just because you might not see the reason, doesnt mean there ISNT reasons

    And purely by coincidence its the SAME corporations and billionaires the DEMS held up stimulus bills so they could divert money to them
    Plus its all a nice distraction from the Obamagate investigation and other signs of corruption in the DNC and Obama administration
    But thats probably just a bonus

    But come election time and you wont hear a single democratic senator, mayor or governor being blamed for ANYTHING in the mainstream media, every problem since the dawn of time including completely made up ones WILL be blamed on trump, and droves of people will just blindly believe it

  9. I think US people should study the actions between Norway and Sweden and see how a delayed lockdown lead to Sweden suffering massive losses while Norway's early approach has lead to them having 4% of deaths compared to Sweden. Locking down and urging people to stay inside worked.

  10. Hey man, you’re right you’ll survive the virus. My family members all survived it, but it came at a great cost. Most of them have some sort of permanent lung damage, the treatment for it was excruciating. Currently I am in isolation, due to my exposure, but I hope I don’t get it. Trust me you do not want to get the virus, you do not want to see your son or daughter hooked up to a ventilator, and you don’t want your children to ask will mommy or daddy come back? If things would have just stayed shut in the first place then my family probably wouldn’t have gotten it at their jobs. If things stayed closed we would probably be out camping in a month or two with not a worry.

  11. You’re a joke and out of touch rich person who cares about an “economy” that only helps the rich. When has a good gdp number made the majority of poor people more wealthy? Ridiculous.

    The schtick is up, we can see right through republican talking points and “economy”

    Plus look at the numbers now, you said if cases go up we must continue lockdown therefore we will lockdown.

  12. "In Early February, the Coronavirus Was Moving Through New York" – The New York Times
    New York had it for a while and reaching peak saturation.

  13. – The mayor places a lockdown order.
    – Thousands go to the streets spitting on each order.
    – Lockdown has to be canceled as the now contaminated will spread the virus on their homes and create thousands of infection clusters.
    – The country chooses to ignore the disease, people take extra care but after some time they forgot to wear masks, wash hands often or use hand sanitizer when water and soap are not available. The virus gets to the elderly faster as now it has been spread widely in the region.
    – Virus further spread while other countries get the disease under control, so any local attempting to travel there must undertake a 14-day quarantine.
    – The world in general recovers but your country is SNAFU

    S T O N K S

  14. Louis .. go check out the Police body cam that video taped the Floyd arrest
    it was finally released yesterday to a U.K paper..
    Here’s the link… ??watch the entire video

    A lot of people are pissed…
    it’s no wonder they held onto to the video for almost 2 months ..
    We were scammed…

  15. Cool look at life in New York burros… those delivery truck guys must go nutz with this city! And it nutz to live there! Only a place to visit and then get the hell out of there! Suggestion: Move to a dessert based climate.